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AutoCross Information. Please Read!

Tech inspection:

Inspection Requirements
1) All loose items, inside and outside the car, must be removed. Hand held items, such as but not limited to, cameras and cell phones are considered loose items.
2) Passenger’s seat back and all cushions, bolsters, headrests, etc. must be secured. replacement seats (i.e. driver and passenger) must be securely and safely mounted.
3) Any cameras, if installed, must be securely mounted to withstand loads from driving maneuvers. The camera may be installed either inside or on the outside of the car. In either case, its mounting meth- od and position must not interfere with driving or pose an additional hazard to driver, passenger, or course workers.
4) Snap-on hubcaps, detachable fender skirts, and trim rings must be removed.
5) Wheels must be safely affixed. They shall not be reversed so that the lughole taper does not mate with the chamfer of the lugs. All studs and lug nuts must be present and functional.
6) Tires must be in good condition, with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or sidewall. Each tire must have measurable (i.e. exhibiting positive measurement values) tread depth at no less than two points on the tire which are 180 degrees apart around the cir- cumference, and which are within the center one-half of the tread surface that normally contacts the ground. Tires may not have cord visible at any time during competition.
7) Seat belts (and harnesses if used) must be properly installed with attaching hardware, in good condition, secure, tight, and in compliance with Section 3.3.1.
8) Throttle return action shall be safe and positive.
9) No excessive fuel, oil, water or brake fluid leaks should be observed when the engine is running. For all Prepared and Modified catego- ry vehicles, engine crankcase and radiator overflow/breather lines must terminate in containers of at least one quart capacity. These containers cannot be vented into the driver/passenger compartment. All Prepared and Modified category vehicles must be equipped with an engine oil vent tank and an engine coolant vent tank if coolant is used. Vent tanks are not required with systems which are completely closed, i.e. have no venting to the atmosphere. All oil lines passing through the driver/passenger compartment shall be made of metal braided hose with AN Series threaded couplings or entirely covered and protected with a metal cover (this does not apply to the small oil lines used for mechanical oiling system gauges).
10) Steering “spinner” knobs shall not be permitted.
11) No broken or missing spokes or more than one loose spoke per wheel shall be permitted in wire wheels. No cracks shall be permitted in disc or cast wheels. Other than standard parts as defined by these rules, non-metallic wheel construction is prohibited (FSAE cars are exempt from this requirement since the FSAE rules allow non-metal- lic wheels).
12) Brakes must have an adequate pedal, sufficient fluid in the master cylinder, and no apparent hydraulic leaks under pressure. Vehicles must have a brake mechanism acting upon each wheel. The brak- ing system shall be a dual system, arranged in a manner to provide braking for at least two wheels in the event of failure in part of the system. In the case of OE single systems, this requirement may be satisfied by a functional, redundant emergency brake.
13) All swing axle cars, except Porsche, must have a camber compen- sator, have negative camber on the rear wheels, or have axle-limiting straps. Standard pre-1967 Volkswagen straps are not sufficient.
14) Wheel bearings, shocks, steering, and suspension shall be in good operating condition.
15) Exhaust must exit behind driver or to the side of the car.
16) On-board starters shall be provided.
17) Any wet-cell battery moved from the manufacturer’s original loca- tion shall be in a non-conductive, marine-type container or equiva- lent and the “hot” terminal shall be insulated. All batteries (on-board power supplies) shall be attached securely to the frame or chassis structure independent of the marine-type container. NOTE: This will allow the use of gel cell or dry cell (AGM) batteries without a non- conductive, marine-type container where applicable.
18) Roll bars, if installed, must meet the applicable portions of 3.3.2 and Appendix C with specific attention to roll bar height.
19) Helmets for all occupants of the vehicle are to be inspected for con- dition, fit, and compliance with section 4.3.1 Driver’s Safety Equip- ment - Helmets.
20) Flex fans are not allowed.
21) Alcohol may not be used in manifold injection or spray bottles un- less it is specified for this use by the OEM.
22) For cars competing on non-DOT-approved tires, the vehicle safety requirements as referenced in each category rule set, in addition to those in mandatory sections of the Solo Rules, shall be adhered to by all entrants.

Insurance and Minors:

In accordance with the SCCA insurance guidelines, all competing and non-competing participants under the age of majority must have a completed Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement (form MS-2A) on file with a Registrar/Region. All competitors, except participants in the Junior Driver program, must also have a valid driver’s license.
For competitors, the Minor Waiver form must be signed by both parents/ legal guardians if the minors are to be drivers/passengers. For non- competitors, the form may be signed by only one parent/legal guardian on a per-event basis. If signed by both parents/legal guardians, the form is valid at all Solo events held in that Region for the remainder of that calendar year unless otherwise notified.
All parent/legal guardian signatures must be witnessed by an adult SCCA member. The Region may, at its discretion, require that any form completed off-site be signed and witnessed in the presence of an adult SCCA member or a Notary.
Copies of the original Minor Waiver form may be used at individual events or a Minor Photo ID card may be issued by the Region. Minors may not attend non-spectator events without a properly completed waiver.

This form can be downloaded from:

Choose the Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. This is a PDF format form that can be downloaded and printed, so that any of your folks wishing to bring the kids can have this form signed by both parents in advance. They would need to bring two copies of the properly signed form to the event, as we will need to keep one on file.
If both parents will be on site, they can fill out the form at SGMP.
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think i will pass on this one.
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Stay Marine
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will we get a view/layout of autocross course before showing up?

Great gouge on the regs/inspections..thanks
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It is typical to do a walk through before competition starts.
I am sure that will be allowed.
You will need to get there as early as possible in order to do this.
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Stay Marine
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Groovy, thanks
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And Done!!
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I just had my pre-1967 Volkswagen straps installed.

Guess I'm sol, hahaha
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Stay Marine
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If I velcro someone to the roof with a camera glued to their hand.....does that count as 'secured'???
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Originally Posted by Stay Marine View Post
If I velcro someone to the roof with a camera glued to their hand.....does that count as 'secured'???
You might have to add some Duct Tape, then you should be good.
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Don't let all those rules scare you. It's basically the same as any other track tech inspection. As long as you don't have something crazy unsafe on your car, you'll be fine.
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Gotta have all the legal mumbo jumbo in there, but it is the same at any event.
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Originally Posted by Stay Marine View Post
will we get a view/layout of autocross course before showing up?
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Posts: 26,211 very afraid....lots of rules and you won't make it!!!

(and this way, I get chingos more runs in!!! HA!)
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The correct link to the minor release form is:
The link in the original post at the top goes no where.
Ed M.
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I'd like to try this at least once. What all is involved in this?
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.... I'm qualifying

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Windshield got a chip on the way to CFest then cracked slightly...will this cause any issues during the tech inspection? There is no way to get if fixed, already called my insurance company - all the shops in the area woul have to order the windshield.
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