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Posts about the economy and GM...

-- got a few notes from people....concerned about the economy and GM and whether or not this will delay the Camaro.

First -- let me make this perfectly clear: this is ME talking - and I am NOT speaking for the company I work for...........MY thoughts:

Let me quote our Chairman: "Bankruptcy is not an option......."

Those are pretty powerful words. I believe he's committed to doing everything in his power to turn this company around -- and the proof is in the cars and trucks we're coming out with.

(Fact: No one has more cars that get 30mpg or better than Chevy -- not Honda, Not Toyota -- not anyone.........................) (sorry -- just had to put that message in there.....)

Rick has lots of people criticizing him -- everyone seems to think they have the answer - the fact is that they don't have all the answers.

Will we ever declare bankruptcy? Well -- 'never' is a realllllllllll long time -- so I will never say never.........but I think it very very unlikely.

The Economy is indeed in turmoil -- where will it end? No one knows. NO ONE.

That said -- while our business has taken quite a hit, we're moving forward with new products -- and one of them is the Camaro. There are no delays on the new Camaro. None.

Back to the economy...........

I have a real problem with many of our elected officials in Washington....I believe we -that's you and me-- need to vote a LOT of people out of office -- and we need to do it NOW.

I believe that there are people on Wall Street that need to go to jail. I believe that we need to use the 'claw-back' laws to 'claw back' the outlandish compensation that too many people have been paid. I'm sorry, but NO ONE is worth $50million in my book may disagree and it's your perogative to do so..............

I believe in the United States of America.

I also know that the rest of the world is going thru what we're going thru.........and that is frightening.

I believe we've got some of the best business minds in the world - and I believe you'll see people work hard to solve our problems.

Now -- that said:

WE - that's you and me -- have some responsibilities.

It is NOT a God Given Right to live in this country and expect to have things handed to us.

WE -- that's you and me - have a RESPONSIBILITY to get ourselves to the polls on Tuesday, November 4 -- and vote RESPONSIBLY --

By 'responsibly' -- I mean none of this 'straight ticket' stuff - YOU NEED TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK -- and you need to be paying attention to where ALL candidates stand on a variety of issues. YOU NEED to look at the claims being made -- and you need to do your homework to see that some are outlandish...........and you need to understand that EVERYTHING comes with a price...........

WE -- that's you and me -- have a RESPONSIBILITY to work and sacrifice to see that our way of life is preserved. We must because, you see, many have given their lives so that we - that's you and me -- can have the best standard of living that the world has EVER known. Many millions more gave years of their lives and their health -- for the same reason.

WE -- that's you and me-- need to look at what's in the best interests of the country -- not just of what MAY be in the best interests of ourselves. (singular)

A personal word about health care:

Two years ago I had a heart problem. I was told that the "widow maker' was over 90% blocked -- and I was put in the hospital and I had stents put in.

It took less than 48 hours to get these stents.......and at the time one of my dear friends in Canada told me that there was a waiting list of over a YEAR for stents in that country. (this is not a slam at Canada -- if I had to move to another country -- I'd pick Canada in a heartbeat -- love the country - love the people even more!) Our Hospitals have lots of patients from all over the world - and the reason is this: we have the best health care in the world -- but the problem is the COST of health care.

Wanna know my thinking on WHY?

People can sue for millions for ridiculous reasons.

The older I get, the more I realize what I DON'T know -- but I know this: Pass Tort reform and our health care costs will come back to earth......

The Attorneys don't want this -- and they'll tell you that they're fighting for your rights (and perhaps they are...) but they're becoming very wealthy doing so. (this is not a slam against all attorneys -- esp. those of you who are my friends!!!) But it IS a slam at what I'll call "ambulance chasers"......

OK -- bet a few of you are sorry you asked.

AGAIN -- the opinions above are MY PERSONAL opinions - not those of the company I work for -- and my opinions and $2.50 will buy you a cup of coffee at one of those fancy-shmancy coffee shops..........

(......can someone please bring a fork lift over here and get the soap box out from under me??)

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come to poppa
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we're all in this together. and a Huge THANKS to GM for bringing us this beautiful car (the 2010 Camaro of course).

Cancelled the 2010 SS/RS (for now) and bought this instead (2009 Harley FLHX)
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The punching cat
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:flag1::flag1: Well said! I hoping things will turn around!
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GM will make us proud, and i beleave this is proof (imo) that GM will become the most popular/reliable car company in the world. There going back to there roots and will overcome this drop. GM has/and allways will be my first choice in autos and will deff influence my next purchace which will be the new Camaro or V8 Colorado. Thanks GM and all your fighting to compete,
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fbodfather for prez!:flag1: Really good post, and I hope the rest of your company shares your thoughts on these issues because if they do (as I do), I know they have what it takes to turn things around for themselves. I will be keeping the faith in GM!
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Milk 1027
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Fbodfather just made a thread on this
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Thanks for the post, Scott. It's strange that, in spite of my doubts and fears about the economy, I've always had warm fuzzies about GM, Chevy, and gettin' a Camaro next year.
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Scott; even though it's not your company's words, they're still powerful coming from you. We all appreciate the reassurance and I completely agree that we need to take responsibility for our country now more than ever, and to take responsibility for our actions by turning out to vote. We have a chance to make a change in November; if we just do it.

We are still a great country, and we will pull through. Hopefully when we improve the rest of the world will pick back up too and things will get better for everyone.

Cheers LONG LIVE GM and well said!
Did I mention I have a sense of humor?

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Scott that was the most censer statement I have read from any one in a long time. That did make my eyes start floating. Thank you for your support.

Quite honestly when it comes to the economy and people livelihoods i could care less about a tangible items. Peoples lives are far more important than any enantoment object out there.


thanks Scott.
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sorry cant help it.

Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
Fbodfather just made a thread on this
I was eating when I saw the report. I cam back and went to work on the thread. I did not even look at the rest of the forum till after I was done.

It is the whole mess every thing is in right now that angers me and pisses me off beyond the point of pistivity. The world economy all the way down to peoples jobs. I am just so angry at our selves as a whole from the blue collar worker to the elected officials for allowing our selves to get into the predicament.
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I have been debating if I should go through with the purchase of the Camaro, but this post might have turned my decision around. Thanks, and I can see things are getting better....gas prices are starting to drop, and I think things are going to start turning around here shortly.
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Then you're gonna love me
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I agree fbodfather and thank you for your words.

Vote everyone, we have the power to change things for the better but we can't if you are silent.

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Anyone that knows of a place that is making the Concept Shifter for the new Camaro. (Auto specifically) Please let me know.

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