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Old 10-14-2008, 03:12 PM   #35
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Originally Posted by Chocolate Apocalypse View Post
I'm just curious if the Hurst available from the dealer will be the the only one made or if there will be 2 different ones like w/the 4th gen. The Hurst that came with the 4th gen SS cars didnt have adjustable stops but there was another that did. I actually liked the feel of the Hurst knob (the one with the big H on it and covered in leather) on my Pro 5.0 w/a short stick. Loved that setup!
That is the Hurst Billet shifter. It was aftermarket and couldnt be ordered on the car.

As for any factory shifter an aftermarket will probably be far better. Especially if its going to cost $395 to get it. Most aftermarket shifters run around $200.
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Old 10-15-2008, 04:22 AM   #36
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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
Mine will be custom from a cnc and have shiftgates instead of a boot
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we ordered the Hurst shifter... and I like that logo that someone posted... we'll probably use that logo on the back end opposite side of the decklid from the SS logo... should look pretty slick
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Old 10-15-2008, 09:14 AM   #38
Shifty 6
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Originally Posted by Crowley View Post
Just wondering how it will be is all .. is it much shorter throws than stock? If MGW comes out with one, I'll probably go with them .. but since this is currently an unknown, I'd get the hurst to start off with.

It shortens up the throws and gives it a more positive feel. To mee it made it more metalic, like I was moving steel gears, instead of rubber or plastic gears. It had a nice snick-snick into the gear. I loved it.
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Originally Posted by MajorTom View Post
I think that looks terrible. The stock look is great. The shift action on the GTO sucks. I bought a GMM ripshifter with the stock look just better action.

The GTO has a sleek interior and adding something silly like that really clashes with the look and vibe of the rest of the interior.
Good thing it was my car then, because I was quite happy with the way it looked and I'd love to have one in my Camaro, seeing as the 69 Camaro was available with one.

Sleek interiors come with Tonka Truck wheels for HVAC knobs? C'mon now.
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I want to try to find one like the one in the Bullitt Mustang.
It's a solid aluminium ball, has a nice feel to it.
Originally Posted by 1320junkie View Post
All of the stang guys in one
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Originally Posted by headpunter View Post
has anyone ever used a T-Handle shifter? it looks cool but im curious as to how they feel shiftig wise.
I had T handle in my 86' and I loved it, but my car was an automatic. I don't think it will work very well on a manual, Every time i drove that car i envisioned driving a manual with a Thandle, and I think the experience would be lacking.

I kind of want the pistol grip shifter that is in our 70' challenger.
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Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
I'd like the leather ball Hurst shifter like on the 4th gen. As long as I can get that, I'll be ordering it through GM. I don't want that white ball, just not my tastes. I don't think it would look right in a black interior. Again, just my tastes.
Any pics on this leather ball Hurst shifter?
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Old 10-15-2008, 01:32 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
I liked the SLP Hurst Shift knob for the 4th Gens, It was a stock looking leather Knob, with a Hurst H imprinted in it. That would be great!
Yep. In agreement there!

But, keeping the same shifter in the car would be okay, I guess. I just like looking down at my current shifter and seeing that imprinted "H" on top of my leather shifter. I like that.
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Old 10-18-2008, 07:51 PM   #44
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Originally Posted by fastball View Post
I would like the cue ball. I'm also thinking about puting this on my decklid:

Great idea

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Old 10-24-2008, 11:52 AM   #45
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Will probably get the short-shifter and just use my existing Momo.

This isn't it but it's close:

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Old 10-25-2008, 10:16 AM   #46

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I'm also looking at a Momo shift knob and boot for my Hurst STS. This is the one I'm leaning towards. Even with the little bit of leather on the knob, I'll still have to have some type of cloth in the car for those very hot days. I don't care though, because I like the look.

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Old 10-25-2008, 10:58 AM   #47
just can't seem to leave
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i think i'll just pull the stock knob out of my GMC & use it.
actually the pistol grip looks pretty mean. that might be an option for me.
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Old 10-25-2008, 11:07 AM   #48
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This is what I have now... I might get another one just like it for the new car. It looks really good in my current car because I have white seats and gauge faces.
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Old 10-25-2008, 01:53 PM   #49
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Probably a Hurst, but if MGW decides to make one, I'm all for it.
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hurst shifter with my own custom made 8 ball knob, drill and tap it, its perfect
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Old 10-26-2008, 04:35 AM   #51
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Originally Posted by LSxJunkie View Post

Had this in my GTO, want the same if I get a Camaro. The chrome stick and black knob looked amazing in the car. Shame it shifted like shit and I had to go back to stock.
now that i see this pic its definitely the black ball
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