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MTI Racing Kevin
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Press Release: Shift Light for Camaro

Shift-I FLAT is a progressive gear shift and RPM range indicator. The lights are user programmable to indicate a required section of your RPM, the first light illuminating at the RPM you have programmed, usually this will be the start of the power band, and depending on the display mode selected will terminate with all lights flashing at your programmed shift point. The lights in-between are automatically set at equal RPM divisions. Why seven lights? Extensive testing determined that within your peripheral vision you can instantly and easily recognize how many of the seven lights are illuminated. Any more and you need to concentrate, removing your attention from the road. Any less and RPM trend information is lost. As you accelerate, you will see each light come on, providing a predictable lead up to when the ideal shift point occurs.

Knowing the optimal RPM range can be particularly useful for both circuit work and on the street. It can provide a reference for shifting down, by indicating if your RPM is below the start of the power curve, and will also indicate if your RPM is getting too high to accelerate out of the turn. In addition, the Shift-I can be used to optimize launch control by keeping the RPM within the ideal range. By indicating the section of RPM your most interested in, it allows you to break out of old habits and form new ones. This can increase both performance, control and engine life. Importantly, this is achieved without taking your eyes off the road!

Important Features...
* The RPM range displayed is set by the buttons, down to 50rpm intervals.... ie. 3150 to 8750rpm.
* Brightness adjusts automatically to ambient light and you can adjust the level yourself.
* Battery voltage display while engine starting.
* Warns you of alternator/regulator over voltage failures.
* Automatically dims while cruising.

Why You Need It?

Takes offs are very important and you don't want to be the one that just lost 3 positions before the first corner. You rather be the one that just robbed a few spots. Using a progressive shift light, you can stage your RPM right where you need it while concentrating on your reaction time. Launch a perfect takeoff, then in the midst of all the adrenalin and noise, still nail the first few gear changes and get the jump on the pack.
Lap after lap, gear changes tend to move about, particularly with several other engine/exhaust notes on song or in combination with helmet wind noise. Duelling with others can make it hard to get into the zone, and the red mist can easy settle in and effect gear changes. Getting the most from your engine and having that consistency can give you that edge and build the rhythm to move through the pack with precision. The progressive display gives you an anticipated and accurate gear change, getting the most from the available torque without bouncing off the limiter. Consistency can drop your average lap times and put you in a superior position to find those different lines that make you a winner.
If your carving through some twisty roads, you can see where you are with the power before corner entry and at exit. Too many or too few lights and you'll smoothly change gears. It becomes more of an automatic thing, where your in tune with the RPM. Knowing your on the start of your torque before making an over taking maneuver, sets you up to run right through the one gear with an impressive pass. Some people also use it as a gauge of speed. I know if I'm pushing it going into a corner if I've got 4 lights (with appropriate gear selected), particularly some corners! If I'm in an area with radar traps, I know I'm creeping in speed when the next light kicks in. Of course, nailing good take offs again and again is easier with a progressive shift light, particularly when their is company at the traffic lights.
A progressive shift light can give you two keys benefits, gear change consistency and optimum staging. While at the tree, you can stage your RPM right where you plan to have it for a powerful take off. You can then concentrate on the christmas tree lights and nail the takeoff reaction and torque. The progressive display gives you a clear indication of the RPM rising while accelerating, and gear changes become less of a panic and more of an anticipated action at the precise RPM you want. Not only can this improve your times, but it can put you ahead of the game because any modifications you make gives a comparable result.

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how is the installation on something like this?
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Really Cool ! Dont know if im interested or not though.
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plug and play?
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that's awesome. i've been looking for a stealth shift light that complimented rather than took away from the interior. In my 4th gen trans am I had a shift light in the defrost vent in the a-pillar. Loved how simple and stealthy it was.
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This looks interesting.
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MTI Racing Kevin
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Originally Posted by SSTony View Post
how is the installation on something like this?
Originally Posted by dcoates View Post
plug and play?
This is the same Shift-i light we used on our 900hp C6ZO6 when we went to the Texas Mile a couple weeks ago. The driver never needed to look at the tach during his runs while using the Shifti-i Light which kept his eyes straight ahead instead of having to glance at the tach. This is very important when road racing with 30 other cars on the track.

I have posted the installation manual. It is a pretty straight forward install with only 3 wires to hook up.
Attached Images
File Type: pdf shift_i_installation_manual.pdf (348.2 KB, 203 views)
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pics in a Camaro?
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FYI The camaro does not have a tach output to hook up to. The coils have built in transistors so the coils have three wires. The ouput signal is very low and the shift light won't pick it up. We went through this with our Raptor shift lights for months untill Raptor finally came up with a "voltage amplifier" to put in-line to raise the signal so the shift light will work. Just sayin this shift light may have the same problem unless you've already tested it on a camaro.

It's all in here:
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