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Old 05-30-2010, 08:12 PM   #171
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Drives: 2010 IOM 2LT RS, 08 IOM G8 GT, 87ta
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I will never trade in my inaugural return year of the Camaro: 2010
I could of saved up for another year to get the SS but it wasnt really practical since it will be slowly turned into a daily driver and i really didnt want to wait. So i am happy with the v6 power/economy balance that it has and equipped with the manual, no other experience like it

--2010 year, first car ive ordered, first manual ive ever owned--
1000 = Order Placed (11/16/2009) RS Constraint
1100 = Preliminary Order Accepted (1/9/2010) Order # NSPHF8
2000 = Accepted by GM (1/12/2010)
2500 = Preferenced (1/12/2010)
3000 = Accepted by Production (1/13/2010) TPW = (2/8/2010)
3100 = Sequenced (1/29/2010)
3300 = Scheduled (1/29/2010)
3400 = Broadcast (1/29/2010)
3800 = Produced (2/10/2010) VIN # 2G1FG1EVXA9192608
4150 = Invoiced (2/11/2010)
4200 = Shipped (2/12/2010)
5000 = Delivered to Dealer (2/24/2010)
6000 = Delivered to Customer (3/1/2010)
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Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS View Post
It is awesome to own 3 Camaro's
everyone trys to con me into selling them one of the other two by saying i have too many camaros. love em. even if i had some sort of exotic i would still keep the camaros for the bang for the buck fun they provide
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Camaro or Blackhawk
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Drives: SIM5GEN "STORM" / UH-60 Blackhawk
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This is Chris(my disclaimer) Well, I hope that Tina never gets rid of her Camaro. I really don't think she ever will. Tina had a shrine to this Generation right after they announced it being made. She used to work for a Chevy Dealer before her surgery. We went and test drove every style of Camaro we could find. I am so glad I was able to get her, HER Camaro, this past Mothers' Day while I was on Mid-Tour leave, before I had to go back.
Reasons to keep this Generation:
1. It is the first one made after being discontinued
2. It is based on First Generation
3. Made very close to the Concept
4. Very well made car
5. Gets very good gas mileage
6. Won't be on the same Zeta platform again
7. Quality starts to diminish over time, because the novelty is lost.
I have never sold one, but I have wrecked one. My Dads 1987 Camaro sleeper. An IROC-Z with an RS body (Special Order). He let it go after that, and when he finally sold it, it was the right thing to do at the moment.
When you turn on your RIDE, does it return the favor? I can say yes to all of them; S-10, Camaro, Avalanche, and Blackhawk!!!!
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Originally Posted by spratleyea View Post
Mine is a keeper. 20 years from now my nephew wants it. We will see.
Fantastic Color Combo. I really like the silver strips on white. Looks awesome...
Fly low and Avoid the radar!
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Who's gonna actually keep their car"?

This will be my second Camaro, and yes I (we) will keep it until I HAVE to sell the Nickey Chicago TT IOM!

My first Camaro was a new 1969 Z/28 in Hugger Orange with White stripes, four speed, console with black interior. First mod was Hooker headers then 4:11 rear gears, bigger Holley carb. Hell yes I regreat letting go of the 50,000 original mi. 290 HP ram air factory performance car. Especially since it went for a price tag of $2250.00 in 1974! I still try to reach my butt with either foot!
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Old 05-30-2010, 09:21 PM   #176
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Drives: 2010 2SS/RS IOM Camaro
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I expect to have this car for a very long time
Had my Z28 for 10 years
Expect to have this car in the family for as long as it lasts

I read LS3 SS's comments and I was thinking same - first car I have ever had where it was literally built for me - exactly as I wanted it - so it really is a special vehicle to me
Breathing Fire since October 8th 2009 !
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Drives: 2010 Hugger Orange
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I think with all the emmission laws as they are and gas prices (global issues) this generation Camaro might be one of the last "big engine" cars of its time. Just like the big block faded away in the early 70's (really late 60's) only a hand full held on and they were nothing to wrote home about, (like the last few 6.6 T/A cars). So yes these cars are keepers as to value. Mark my words the new Z28 will be the last bad ass Camaro of its kind. I predict the next car will be direct injection like the current v6 - and perhaps a turbo version. Dare I say it is hard to argue with the current success of the new SHO TT V6 motor from Ford as is the new 5.0 Mustang engine with variable valve timing. My brother just got one and it dyno'd at 391. That means it makes way more than the 412 they are claiming. At a 15% loss it works out to be more like 445hp at crank.

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Drives: 2013 Red 1LE
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never gonna let mine go. if i play my cards right ill also be able to afford a Z28 in 5 years or so
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I've owned a 67 RS since 1987.
I had a 68 RS/SS with the 350hp 396, deluxe interior and tic-toc-tach, I purchased in 1986, but had to sell it in 1993.
Owned a 94 and 95, but sold them also. The 94 I owned for exactly 10 years.

The "plan" is to own this one indefinately.
2012 ZL1
10 spoke
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I'll be rocking mine till the wheels fall off!! Well not get the idea!
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Almost-Original Postwhore
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I haven't gotten mine yet but I plan on keeping it for quite a long time when I do. I had a 3rd gen and had to sell it and have regretted it every day since.
- X
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My son is three. I told him today he can have my car when he turns 16.
"If at first you don't succeed, conceal all evidence you tried in the first place."
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Drives: 2010 Camaro SS
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You know at least for now I am keeping it. I may trade it in if the Alpha looks to be that much better and if the Z28 comes out. All just depends. To me it already has the look that I think I will love for decades. Heck, my heart still pounds when I see a foxbody Mustang, who was my favorite car until the new Camaro. But there is so much that can be down. I am just a bit upset they will be dumping this model for the Alpha platform. They could do so much more with the current model, even dropping the weight. I wish if they were going with Alpha they did it from the start.

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Drives: 1968 camaro ss, 2010 camaro1ss
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Mine is my first new car, and it was built just for me! I plan on keeping it forever!
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Drives: 2010 LT1 VR CAMARO #14568
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my plans include keeping hotrod for as long as I can see....this is family tradition for me. My uncles have a 71 454 chevelle and the other has a 61 father had to part with his 69 camaro....Im picking up where he left off, but I will be keeping mine.
Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?"
HOTROD...flowmaster exhaust, color matched antenna and drip rails, barton shifter, 4 pack gauges, leather armrest, color matched spoiler, and emblem delete, 20x9 chrome wheels
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I will keep mine it's part of my collection now.
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My first Camaro was a Matador Red 68 with black stripes and spoiler. Of course it had the S/S Cragars. Had a second generation and a Vette along the way. I'm crazy about this one and don't have any plans on replacing it. Sorry GM.
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