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Always On Kill!
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Originally Posted by ROBBDOGG1986 View Post
I have been asked lately if I plan on keeping my car for a long time or if I may let it go....Being as to alot of you may have had maybe a 1st-4th Gen in the past and also may have recently got rid of it and regret it now. Some of you are now trading or selling your 5th. Let me ask you guys the same question those who still have there's will you ever let it go for any reason?And for those who had.... a "camaro" Do you Regret the fact that you have let any Gen of yours go?

My answer.... I will never let mine go, it will have to be taken by force lol
Good question! Great discussion. Well, my 2010 SS is actually my very first car at 24 years old! So as you can imagine I totally fell in love with this thing! Right now, if I had the money there is no other car I'd want. If I had the money I'd just mod this thing out, yet not enough to ruin it's daily driver capability. But I think I'm going to keep this car FOREVER! I want it to be the car that I "hand down" and bestow onto my kids 40 years into the future. I don't know how cars or things will look then, but I'm willing to bet a bad-ass silver ice metallic SS with immaculate paint won't lose it's looks and it will still be a chick magnet. I've had mine since OCT of 2009, and to be honest I've been cleaning the car(not washing) it everyday since. I haven't missed one day. It's a very hard job, but I take pride in my car and having it look immaculate. My friends and family tell me I have developed OCD since getting this car,.......and they're right! I pamper it. I clean it once a day. Dirt doesn't stay on my car no more than 24 hours before being cleaned off by me.

So yea, I'm definitely keeping this car. I personally feel GM did an absolutely amazing job with this car. Sure it has it's quirks there others pointed out, but the thing is none of those quirks actually bother me! To me, this car is perfect! The only thing it's lacking is more power! I love how it's shape reminds me of a corvette, it's very subtle , but still maintains that muscle car look. I love it! I'm never giving this thing away,.....the keys would have to be taken from my cold dead hands!!

S.I.M. SS(L99):
*American Racing Headers (LT)
*Magnaflow cat-back competition exhaust
*K&N typhoon CAI
*Aggressive cam.
**Result**: 465rwhp/ 447rwtq. Satisfied.
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I do, I intend to get my moneys worth out of it as I do with all of my other cars. I have a 1987 Camaro RS (California Special) that I have had for over 23 years, plus a 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T that I have had since Oct 2005 and My 2010 which I have had now for nearly a year.

Walt B.
2010 2LT/RS (Vin - 7757)
2005 Dodge Magnum R/T (Yes it has a Hemi)
1987 Camaro RS (California Special)

Mods Done
CGM Gills, "RS" in both headrests, GMPP Exhaust w/Tips, RJT XM Antenna, RS Foglight/DRL Plug/Play Harness, Leather E-Brake Boot & Auto Boot, HUD Installed, Full ABL doors & Dash, RJT Heritage Grill, T-Rex Lower Grill, Roto-Fab CAI (RJT), W/W Reservoir, V-6 Radiator Cover (RJT), ADM Race Air Scoop, GM Cupholder & Footwell LEDs, Retrofit GM MyLink (w/Nav), Frameless Rearview Mirror, Backup Camera, T-5 Splitter, and Conv Spoiler.
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I believe the "collectability" of a car does not come from the design quality or uniqueness or any of that, i think it just comes from people thinking back to their high school years, what did they have the most fun in? They want that back, when the 2nd gen Camaros were being produced nobody thought twice about 1st gens, but when 3rd gens came out people started saying "man these are nice but my old 68' was hot back in high school" and so the 2 generation gap began and has remained. Im sure here in 10 years kids will be driving these cars, then 20 years after that they'll be saying "man these new cars are great but remember that old Camaro? Man we had some times in that"

Nobody ever thought the 3rd gens would be collectors items but hell look at the market, my 3rd gen was bought for $3000, just 2 years later now its a $6000 car and thats including price depreciation from added mileage and wear-and-tear from daily driver use. 4th gens will come along soon too.

So dont worry, your Camaros will definatly be collectors items some day. Especially for those of you who have those Aqua Blue ones, HOLD ONTO THOSE! They'll be rarer than any "special edition" GM has put out yet, save for maybe this year's Indy pace car. But not only will my generation idea catch up to them, but look at all the frenzy the cars have made. Whether people are willing to admit it or not the 2010 Camaro has become one of the defining factors of this generation. Just like the 70s had lava lamps and Trans Ams, this new generation has the Camaro. Its not only a collector's item, its a huge piece of history.
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Orange Krate
Not just any car!
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What a great set of questions! I was thinking about these same questions the other day. I have not yet bought my Camaro yet but I have been following this whole Gen 5 buildout since 2005! This dream of mine was spawned from my youth. In 1976-78 I owned a hugger orange SS 396 Camaro that was turning out about 450 HP. It was a 12 second street car and would cruise all day long at 140 MPH. I absolutely loved that car and the ONLY reason I sold it was because I wanted to become a firefighter/paramedic. I was told that my driving record had to be impeccable in order to reach that goal. Well my career has taken me to places I had never dreamed of and it is time to recoup some of that lost youth and enjoy the rest of my life in a new IOM Camaro. I will NEVER sell it once I buy it. I plan on making it a weekend only car and want to become involved with the SoCal Camaro group, along with one of my buddies who bought a CGM LT/RS. I am holding out for a 2011 as I wanted to see how the production and quality would be and I am ecstatic at just how fine an automobile this is. I talked to the new Keyes Chevrolet dealer in Van Nuys and they told me they recently had a gentleman with a new Charger drive in and turn it in for a new SS/RS because he owned a Camaro before, like me, and he said the Charger was nothing like the Camaro! I think we all have to agree with that.

I have two daughters 17 and 21 and they are totally excited about Dad procuring a Camaro. I look forward to taking my wife on weekend runs and if possible using the car to raise money for charities in some way. I recently sold my 1923 T-Bucket that had a 500 HP Big Block in it and I did alot of fund raising with it and I miss the opportunity to cruise and give something back at the same time.

In closing, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed coming to this website everynight for the last year or so and how great all the Camaro owners seem to be. You all are a hard working, smart group of folks and I appreciate the insight and also the commentary and participation of some of the GM/Chevy folks in the Forum as well! You forever have my thanks for bringing back a legend we can all love!

Simi Valley, CA
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If there was no sentimental value, sure.

But, this is CGM #1 and THRSS #2. THAT means everything to me. Otherwise, yeah...I'd contemplate trading up to a 2012.......Z28!
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Swim Against the Flow
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I don't think I'll be keeping mine. I bought the 2LT RS and I like it... but I regret not going with the SS (sorry V-6ers). It's black with the black/red leather interior and moonroof, etc. Very nice car. Lots of complements! I think the car is well constructed, handles well and for a V-6, the performance is impressive. Still, I regret not going with that 425 Hp beast. Oh well....I'm not sure yet what I'll do... wait for the convertible or the Z28...? And have to admit a great admiration for that new Shelby GT500...........(already avail in convertible). But if I go with the Shelby now, will I regret not waiting for that new Z28? Decisions, decisions...
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Keeping mine unless someone wnats to pay well for it !! then i can build another one !!
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I sold my 1968 RS 3 weeks ago. Did not drive it afraid to drive it long distances.
I miss the 99SS I had. So I will pick up a new SS next week if all goes to plan.
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Old 05-31-2010, 10:12 AM   #209
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I think my kids may sell it after I'm gone. BUT I WILL HAUNT THEM !!
LPE 417 Stroker, 780 Hp, 780 Tq
Corsa Cat Back, LPE gt9 cam
ARH LT Headers High flow cats
Pfadt adj coilovers,Pfadt trailing arms,
Pfadt Dif Bushings, Pfadt rear tie rods
Hotchiss Cassis Brace, LPE 3.91 gears
MGW shifter,Billetprototypes Catch Can
LPE Pedals, LPE Sway bar links
LPE custom ralley stripes, Paint upgrade and 4 coats of clear
Lingengelter Embroidered Headrest
Foose wheels, LPE Brake calipers with slotted rotors
Hotchiss/LPE Strut Brace,
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2010 Camaro a keeper?
I dont have one, but I doubt this car is a keeper...
Early eighties I had a 1969 RS Camaro...I always want one since the early seventies when my brother had one when I was only 14 yrs old. In the eighties the 69 was "only" 15yrs old, and it was a collector/desired car.
Now it's 41yrs old, AND still (if not more) desireable than in the eighties..
AND you can still work on a 69 in your own garage...

20yrs old camaro is 1990
30yr old camaro is a 1980
are any those camaro's desired/collectibles?

And in the last 5+yrs or so, even more electronics to make the car even LESS desireable when it's out of warranty.... ask any 2002 M3 owner who was moe than 50k miles, no market value because it's so expensive to fix.....

Maybe the 2010 Camaro will be different....
...ask any 2005 Mustang GT "collector" has their car become more or less desireable?
.......remember how the ford dealers all were getting $5k over sticker, "new collectible"

Car companies now (unlike in the seventies) all know they have to make a BETTER car next year....more HP, better hanlding, more comfortable, better MPG....
so you trade in your 2yr car for the lastest and greatest....

Me I'm awaiitng for the new Z28 BUT I fear GM dealers will be marking them up as a collector too.....too bad.....if true than I'll past on that car too....

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Camaro or Blackhawk
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:bel lyroll:. I'm with ya'!!!
When you turn on your RIDE, does it return the favor? I can say yes to all of them; S-10, Camaro, Avalanche, and Blackhawk!!!!
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Old 05-31-2010, 11:13 AM   #212
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Very interesting thread. A persons age and new car purchasing experience might apply. Regardless of your age, most eveyone on this Board was attracted to the new Camaro at first sight. Do not think anyone is going to buy a Camaro because it is "practical". Myself, it was instant love when I first saw pictures of the concept. I thought long and hard before placing my order for a 2011 2LT May 18th. I had two cars, and one is only a seldom driven summer car never driven in snow 1998 Buick Riviera, pearl white (I am a US expat living in Canada). Many family connections/memories with the low mileage Riviera, and it will never be sold, but passed down to family members in the future. My trade-in, 1996 Sebring LXI coupe, white over silver, looked and drove like new. Loved my Sebring, and hated to trade it, could have driven it for another 8 years trouble free. Why the Camaro...question to myself, could I see myself driving a 2011 Camaro and enjoying it for the next 15 years? Yes! I am already a low mile driver, the Camaro will be my daily driver, and in 15 years I still might be driving my 2011 Camaro with not much more than 60,000 miles, when I am age 74.
My choice to buy the Camaro is it is a car I will take care of and I plan to enjoy for many years to come. In 15 years I might be an old fart driving an old Camaro, but personally I will be happy with my decision.
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Dude, I love my car !!!!
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The only way that I will get rid of mine is if the upcoming Z28 has a significant performance increase over the SS..... AND....... they don't ruin the exterior looks. I am one of those that are of the mindset that anything other than small, very small, cosmetic changes will destroy the exterior appearance of this beautiful machine.

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What a silly question.
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Originally Posted by Havok View Post
Dude RI has 7% sales tax. Quit your bitching.
Cali has 8.5%... get lost
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my too
Originally Posted by Havok View Post
Going to keep it as long as I can. Don't know what the future holds, but I would love to keep it and give it one of my kids.
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King Mouse
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I bought mine as a keeper. Not as an investment but a keeper none the less.
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yes a keeper

I have a tendency for keeping cars for a long time. I hadn't bought a car in 22 years. I'll keep it because I like the look. As an investment production numbers will be to high and overall innovation doesn't set it a part for others. Design is it many feature. It's a best car out there, right now. A production Z28 or something supercharged in limited production would be an investment. Just my thought. For what it's worth.

Bookends!!! 1LT, Red, RS, White stripe, 20 inch Polished wheels, Manual tranny, Red BowTies, Seat and Dash covers, Airaid Air Intake, Magna flow exhaust
1965 Sting Ray 327 Fuelie, Muncie 4 speed, Side pipes, Rally Red, Black interior
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Originally Posted by FirstLSK View Post
The only way that I will get rid of mine is if the upcoming Z28 has a significant performance increase over the SS..... AND....... they don't ruin the exterior looks. I am one of those that are of the mindset that anything other than small, very small, cosmetic changes will destroy the exterior appearance of this beautiful machine.

I like the way you think!!
Life is too short to drive a dull car....
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well i plan to keep mine for quite sometime,i had an 99'ss with "slp" package pre-katrina,but she drowned completely,...i have a 12 year old that has said numerous times that it is gonna be his when he is old enough to drive,(but dont know if i can trust him with the power,and he would have to insure) but i also have a 27 yr.old son and 25 yr.old daughter in-which they all will be reaching for the keys, i may just have to keep for myself,ha
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Like my 89 Silverado, my 2010 will also be a keeper. I regretted years ago selling my 68 RS/SS to my brother-in-law, but that's what happens when your starting a new family. My kids are already fighting over who gets to inherit the car and truck. One of them may end up with the 2010 sooner than they think, if the Z28 is done right.

Long live the Camaro!
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I had a 68 with a 68 vett 350 with 375 hp and a 4 speed rock crusher in it. Life got in the way and it had to be traded. The 2010 I have now is twice the car. Better ride better handeling better sound system and I missed my 68 a lot until I got my new baby. MY life will have to get in the way before I get rid of it. It is just too much FUN
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Hot Rod
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The 2010 Camaro could be a collector car some day..and for that reason I will keep the car unless life forces me to sell it.I have a numbers matching 69 Z28 and a 69 SS 396 car that doesn't have the original engine.My 2010 2SS/RS IOM M6 is paid for so i really don't forsee me getting rid of it and remember that with the green movement,oil long will they continue to make such cars..who knows.
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Well I have sold so many of my first cars/items this will be one that sits in the garage until I die and my son sells it cause it smells moldy. lol

No I am keeping it. Worst case I will park the gen six camaro next to it.
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i wanted a camaro since i was a kid, this is the first car that I bought, im going to keep her as long as i can, eventually ill have kids, and ill be like red from that 70's show, ill kick their ass if they drive it
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