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Eric's Blue
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Driving Dilemma

I have a 12 day trip planned for August. Ill leave GA and drive north to Sioux Falls and west through the black hills and into Wyoming. After a week's stay in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. We are driving south through Salt Lake City down through Zion to Flagstaff AZ. Then turning back east Santa Fe, Amarillo, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, and back home. 4865 miles according to map quest. All this scenery in my girlfriends Rav 4.

So I have to ask would you put 5k on your Camaro, if given the choice? All the various scenery for pictures etc. Plus a much smoother ride more powerful ride over the Rav4s 4 cyclinder engine. Driving that Rav 4 is like driving the living room window... so much glass. Gas will cost more and I will have to rent a kayak instead of taking mine. Which car would you take for that trip?
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Camaro was voted one of the top 10 road trip cars
Loving this car!
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rav 4,don't want the miles on my car.
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Bringing mullets back
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Camaros were meant to be driven.
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I have been from Washington DC, to North Carolina, to Washington State, to Georgia, and currently Oklahoma in mine. 8K put on it so far, and 6K of those are road trip miles. In the next 30 days going to Georgia (again) and back to North Carolina. As long as you have XM, the ride is okay.
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Originally Posted by shroomjohn View Post
Camaro was voted one of the top 10 road trip cars

that's right...I just read about it on here...
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Originally Posted by USAFJeeper View Post
Camaros were meant to be driven.
Hell Yeah!!!'s the most comfortable car I have ever driven or been a passenger in...

I just celebrated 1 year of Camaro ownership last week - 5/ complaints here, and I have a bad back...still comfortable!
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Court jester
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I'm a traveling nurse. I move every 13 weeks. I'll be driving my camaro where ever life takes me. (Most recently, Ohio, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, that order).

My advice: drive whatever will reduce your stress the most. Have fun! If taking the rav 4 relieves you of the worry of renting a kayak, then drive the rav! If you want picture windows take the rav! Screw the miles, 5k ain't gonna save you jack in resale if that's what you are all worried about. If both of you dig that camaro and taking the car will add something to your trip, then take your baby out.

Drive what ever you need to drive to have fun.

Edit: I fell in love with Wyoming. Say hello to the old glacier in the Tetons for me. You're going to love your trip whatever you take.
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Decisions, decisions.:seesaw: If the alternative is driving a RAV4, then...YES, YES, DEAR GOD YES, I would put the miles on the Camaro.

A car is meant to be driven. Letting it sit quietly in the garage is a terrible way for a car to live. Besides, if you think having the Camaro in Georgia is fun, what until you get a chance to drive on mountain roads out west. Plus, the V6 Camaro probably won't cost any more than the RAV4 will for gas.
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I just returned from a trip very much like that.... I'm sorry this is a little long but...

I left from just south of Austin, to Raton New Mexico, then on to Gillette Wyoming. Spent three days there in a class, then my wife flew into Gillette. Picked her up there and drove to Cody Wyoming...We turned of of 25 in Buffalo and drove across to Ten Sleep and on to Cody... Amazingly beautiful drive. If your in the area, eat at the Irma Hotel resturant... Place built by Bill Cody...I was supposed to meet up with a friend and fellow Camaro owner, but he had a sudden commitment which he explained to me and I certainly had no problem with him missing the dinner... Wyoming T/A, I still look forward to another chance to meet up and I'll eat at the Irma any time... Excellant recommendation... We left there and drove up into Yellowstone. Blowing snow and cold but we got to see Old Faithful. We left there and drove through Grand Teton Park down towards Rock Springs Wyoming... Got to meet up with Icecreamguys and had a very nice visit with him... Andrew, there is a standing invitation any time you come through the Austin area...
Leaving Wyoming, we drove down through part of Utah, over a 9800 foot pass, or rather along a 9800 (asl) foot flat road for many miles. Beautiful scenery...More snow and some fog, but amazing scenery...
We ended up that night in Montrose Colorado... The following morning we drove south, over Red Mountain Pass, at an elevation of 11,009 feet above sea level... Wow, just Wow.... 533 miles later we stopped and stayed the night in Las Cruces New Mexico with another friend.They were very gracious and opened their house to us... We had a great dinner, and the following morning we ate bruch at La Posta Resturant... Bring on the Green Chilies... The four of us in two Camaros drove from there to the White Sand National Monument... Beautiful place... Had lots of photo ops... We parted ways from there and my wife and I went to Carlsbad and then the following morning went to the Caverns... from there back to the Austin area... Amazing trip, just under 4000 miles and I enjoyed every one of them...

A warning... The cold of winter causes some road damage and the spring thaws being out the construction crews... We ran into quite a few areas of road repair, and earned some paint chips and one new star in the windshield... All of that can and will be repaired but there is no doubt it will happen if you drive up in that area... That having been said... I would do it again tomorrow if I could....

Enjoy your trip...
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Absolute no-brainer. Trips were meant to be enjoyed, and part of that is the drive. Our 1200 mile trip in nevada would not have been the same in a different vehicle, and it impressed my wife to the point that i have her full blessing now to get the camaro i want. Besides, it's highway miles!!
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That trip in a Camaro would be fantastic. Be advised of one thing regardelss of which car you take, the bug splatter driving through the great plains is amazing. I mean BIG chunks of grasshoppers, etc. Coat your bumper, grill, leading edge of hood and roof with a good wax and the windshield with Rain-X. I have yet to try it, but Adam's Glass Sealent is supposed to work on glass and paint.
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I'm glad someone else feels the stress I do with miles. I have a Honda that I use for all of the long trips, with one good Camaro trip here and there.
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