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id kinda be scared to leave my car there, id sit and watch them work on my car...

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What sucks is now you are gonna have to get all bent out of shape to get the situation rectified. Im sure it will ultimately need paint/bodywork and it will never be the same.

Years ago at a Dodge dealer I had to get all red faced with a torn leather wrap steering wheel issue.

The mechanic and service manager were playing the old "point the finger" at each other over it, and finally I said "I dont give a shit who did it, was not like that when I brought it in"

I was so disgusted, I let them fix the steering wheel but never went back for the additional warranty items. My horn still does not work to this day.

So they replaced the steering wheel, but it wasn't the same as the old one. When they called me for a survey I said I would never go back there and they said sorry you feel that way..blah blah blah.
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Remember; you'll get a survey to let GM know what your experience was there. Keep full documentation including names of who you spoke with and include the pictures. There is something seriously wrong at that dealership. There is no way any legal and legitimate mechanic is going to not only do something like that, but then release it to the customer as if they wouldn't notice. And then to have the supervisor half/owner react without ANY surprise?? This isn't the first time he's seen something like this; he may be paying illegals to work there and paying sub-standard wages "under the table" so the county and state might suddenly get real interested in what's going on there.

AFTER you get your car back, report this to the city and county; the Better Business Bureau and of course GM. The supervisor half/owner's reaction and behavior is a big clue; something is going on there and he knows about it. Once you get your car back, NEVER GO BACK.

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It is probably a good thing that C5 frowns on dirty, offensive language, because I would have to rant in the style of George Carlin they didn't. To the Op: Do not settle for anything but the car to be in the same exact condition as when you brought it in. Heck for that matter maybe a little better than you brought it in. Don't lose your cool, but you make sure that these inept, unprofessional, A$$holes, understand how you feel and that you will make your oppinion heard at GM and whoever else will listen.....Good luck to you!!
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OMG! This is unbelievable! I'm speechless
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wow that's ridiculous...


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I'd be infuriated. Not even to call you and tell you or apologize. Unacceptable!!!

I was glad to see that some dealers are fixing the halo light issue like I have, but damn, I don't want to have an f-ed up front end!

on a side note, what did they say the problem with the light was? My dealer has never called me back after I told the customer service manager that they didn't fix my problem and that other people were having it fixed.
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When I 1st saw the pic I thought of Billy Idol!
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I would definitely let GM know about this...absolutely inexcusable...
FenwickHockey65's GM Thread!

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WOW, that is freakin rediculous. Just a suggestion, but you may want to push to have the nose replaced. Im betting in the upper left corner of the grill opening that the nose is going to be screwed up from how it is twisted in the middle. Look at that area very carefully. It will most likely crease the plastic.
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Yeah I am beginning to cringe anytime mine has to be serviced. It is at an independant body shop getting all the stuff fixed and the dent taken out that the dealer put in mine a couple of weeks ago.
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Originally Posted by 2SSmeCamaro View Post
service department closed at 530, I got there at 5, so most of them had left. I only had a chance to speak to the service rep at the counter, he was real helpful and said they would do whatever it took to fix it. What pissed me off was the jerkoff supervisor/half owner! jeez no apology and didn't even come out to see it!
When I had my Saturn Sky I had taken it in to get some work done to it, when I got it back there was a big scratch on the top of the dash. I took it back and they said they would replace the dash top. Well when I went back and got that replace then there was a big scratch on the glove compartment door, and in several places the dash trim was loose and the power port stopped working..Well after 2 more trips back for problems then created themselves they offered me any Saturn accessory they sold... So i Took the 300 Dollar car cover.. I would suggest you ask for some kind of customer satisfaction compensation...(by the way the Tech that worked on my car got fired over it...)
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Originally Posted by WhiteLightning View Post
If they left your car sitting in the hot sun for any length of time with the plastic bent like that, there's a very good chance it will be permanently deformed.

That's my fear, I'll be picking her up today. I'll make sure to post up pictures.
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wow.... I can't even get my head around how they even did that... I don't think I could make it look like that if that's what I set out to do

and then... the guy that looked at it when he was done just went " yep... that'll do"

2010 Camaro - 1SS, Black w/ Orange stripes
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