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Musclecar Race (A Song)

MUSCLECAR RACE, as written by Brodie Seider (borrowed heavily from the calssic song, Hot Rod Race):

Now it wasn’t that awfully long ago,
When I left the house in my new Camaro.
It wasn’t broken in and the tires were new,
The manual was stiff but the Chevy still flew.

Now along about ten miles out of Memphis,
I was cruisin' along minding my own business,
when I saw a Mustang coming up behind me flyin’,
with a smile on his face and intent on tryin’.

Not two minutes later, when the traffic had cleared,
I knew it was on by the way that he stared.
You know I couldn’t just let him come around,
so I shifted gears and put the pedal down.

To his surprise, he couldn’t make the pass,
But neither he nor I were about to let of the gas.
He could not get me, nor could I make him run and hide,
So me and that Mustang stayed side by side.

Now I was a Chevy man and I damn well knew,
that the race would last until somethin' blew,
‘cause there’s no way in hell my ride was losin’,
not even my ego could take that kind of brusin’.

I looked over at my opponent, ‘cause I was curious
And his face was red, his demeanor serious.
We were blurs on the highway about 10 feet wide,
but me and that Mustang stayed side by side.

By this time I was pale, and felt a little sick,
But the other driver was just a nervous wreck.
But why should I worry, for what the heck,
me and that Mustang were still neck-and-neck.

Now on through the country we did glide,
a-flyin' low and a-flyin' wide,
me an' that Mustang was a-takin' a ride,
and we stayed exactly side by side.

Now I looked in my mirror and I saw somethin' comin',
I thought it was a plane by the way it was a-runnin'.
It was a-hummin' along at a terrible pace,
and I knew right then it was the end of the race.

When it flew by us, I turned the other way,
the guy in the Mustang had nothin' to say,
for it was a kid, in a hopped up Challenger.
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Hopped up Challenger.

Cool song!
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