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Tips on buying a 3rd gen to restore

Does anyone have advice on what to look at/for when looking for a an 85-89 to restore? I know I'll have to fix a lot to get it tip top, but wanted to know if anyone has experience with problems particular to these years of this model?
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Rust is the #1 enemy for the 3gens. There are plenty of good 3gen's out there, which still have solid floorpans and sheet metal... find one of those. Restoring just about anything else on them is a smaller job by comparison, than trying to weld in rust repair patches. Also look for an accident-free one of course.

In today's market with the recession and all, buyers can get a very good deal on a low-mile 3gen if they shop around. Lower miles will cost up front, but save a lot on the restoration.

If you're into power, these cars didn't start having performance as we think of it now, til 1985 or newer when they got the TPI fuel injection. Even then, they're not much by today's standards but they can sure be built for it, since they're not particularly heavy either.

I'm a member over at ... there's a ton more info there. Good luck
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chevy 3
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Just keep in mind that if your going for a high hp car look for a hardtop .good med hp look for t tops.this is my two cents.I love the third gen.
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He's in AZ so rust will not be in issue. Plenty of rust free third gens out here in the desert. I would say spend a little more to get a cleaner car to start with. In AZ look for one that does not have a trashed interior. I just finshed my restoration and the interior parts are next to impossible to find and very expensive if you do find them. Also try and find an original 350 car or 305 TPI 5-speed. Those cars hold there value at a much higher rate then the standard 305 auto and worth more once the restoration is done.
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Right, right.
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Rust is the #1 enemy for the 3gens.
agreed. i have an 86 in the process of restoring, and the main thing that is bad about it is rust, rust, otherwise it depends on what you want. if you are going to swap out an engine for a bigger/better one, then dont get the already-powerful 5.7. look for a v6, or one that doesnt have an engine at all(as long as you have a trailer or something) if you dont want to change the interior much, look for a car with a nice one, so theres not much work to be done on that part.

good luck, post pics when you find a car
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remember if They say its a 350 car & it has a Manual transmission in it, IT DID NOT come from the factory that way. get the numbers off the block & run them. Most likely it would be a 305 car that someone is claiming is a 350 car.

Also if you are looking at the Converibles same thing NO 350s were put in the verts. they were all either 305 or v6 cars.

I am also a member over on TGO. Plus I have a 87 T-top car that I am doing for my race car.
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