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Old 07-25-2010, 10:33 PM   #52

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Originally Posted by ROD1 View Post
They need to put that rear brake vent on the z28
I agree. Those are nicely executed. They flow with the car so nicely.
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I want to know how they are getting away with stealing Gary's rear quarter vent design!

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Originally Posted by Tactical Z View Post
Looks more like a ricer now... wideset stripes and spoiler have to go, I hope the spoiler gets knocked off in the movie..
Originally Posted by CaniacFan View Post
Ya, you called this one. Need to lose the spoiler too. Yes, Bee from Transformer 1 is why I knew I had to have another Camaro..
Originally Posted by rocketman 12 View Post
Anyone else notice the Ferrari? Its in with all the other Autobots.....

As far as BB is concerned, other than the spoiler and stripes, it looks BADA$$!!!
Originally Posted by DevilKnightFalcon View Post
I'm sorry but the wing just looks plain stupid and the quad exhaust just doesn't work for me. They are trying to do too much. They just needed to leave Bee how he was in the first (or maybe even second) movies.
Originally Posted by Thrillz View Post
Man i freaking hate the change's. In the first movie Bee was total sweetness then in T2 they made it even better but wow that wing and those stupid stripes. They wrecked the look of Bee and they boot off Megan fox. Whats the point of even going to watch T3 now . Who ever is calling the shots now should be fired.
Originally Posted by CamaroJedi View Post
Agreed! Getting worse with each movie. A wing. Lame. Maybe this is Transformers: Rise of the Fast and Furious a.k.a. we movie guys don't know shit about cars or have any taste. My2¢ That said I do like the "Z28" front end and quad exhaust.
Originally Posted by Stl_Camaro View Post
I agree too! I really dont like the spoiler either, Makes it look like a rice burner on steroids!
Originally Posted by Arioch View Post
Appreciate the clips showing the movie set. Its cool to see the film shot from a different vantage point than what will actually be used in the movie.

As far as the Camaro... just terrible in my opinion. Ugly. Stripes look .... I'm not even sure how to describe it.. I really hate that Camaro's have this stigma - "everyone that drives them is a mullet wearing moron"....not my words just what I've heard a lot of other people say.... well those stripes make me feel like the Camaro is wearing a mullet and that makes me sad.

The rest of the stuff doesn't help either like the high wing spoiler. But hey I guess if you are shooting for a target audience of 5 year old kids they will probably love it. They aren't seasoned enough to know any better.

Originally Posted by OrangeFury View Post
Those stripes and the wing destroy an otherwise hot car.
I guess the target audience isn't on this site. Could it be cause you already love it? I'm not going to penalize GM for trying to branch out. I agree, the stripes look hideous, but the wing is okay. They could have taken a little more time to get the wing to flow with the rest of the car a little better, but it was a decent attempt. GM is targeting somebody, but I can almost guarantee that 95% of this website isn't on that list.
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Originally Posted by herkman View Post
I want to know how they are getting away with stealing Gary's rear quarter vent design! .
Maybe they're not stealing it.
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i prefer T1 or T2 bee. its like a new actor every single movie. keep the same actor, or as in this movie, car.

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Originally Posted by Brettzel View Post
I take it that nobody even looked at what was near the camaro... a Ferrari 458 Italia!
I definitely noticed it. I hope it's an Autobot.
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Originally Posted by OrangeFury View Post
Those stripes and the wing destroy an otherwise hot car.
I like the spoiler...
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wow guys really?!?!?! Im not trying to make anybody mad but I have to say this since i love this car. Offset stripes and wings were really popular on old muscle cars just look at alot of the old mopars, i mean come on it doesnt look like a ricer at all. I know this isnt as old school camaro as alot of you would like but if you want a camaro ss with z28 power than just buy the new ls9 supercharger that is now for sale. Imo you couldnt make a camaro look like a riceburner if you tried. So needless to say i love this car. I mean come on guys QUAD TAILPIPES. im so excited
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n!ght r!der
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I knew the 458 italia was gonna be in the movie before we even saw the first shots of bumblebee 3...

and I wish they filmed this a month ago, when I was still in chicago, so I could get pictures :(
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front and rear seems a lot like the new so called Z28, especially the exhaust. i prefer the first bumblebee...

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Glad im in the majority here, absolutely hate the stripes and the spoiler. Maybe the stripes would not be as bad if they weren't on the roof.
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we already knew that T3 bee hints to the z. THe car looks GREAT! Apart from the rear spoiler and stripe, the car does look great.
The 458 is an autobot btw.
AS for BB, all i know is it5 shows everything that can be retro fitted to our cars. The side mirrors, the door handles and those sweet sidemarkers
AS for the exhaust, in terms of the Z28, i really have a strong feeling that they will be similar to the corvettes butterfly exhaust, opening and closing.
Anyways the movie seems like its going to be a winner. Now our spyshots show the Z28 with no spoiler, im hoping they dont go the BB spoiler route.
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news: t3 will not have megan fox
Me: i can live with that
news: t3 camaro has a new look
Me:ooh lets see how it looks. . . . what the ****!!

sure old muscle cars had off set stripes and spoilers.
but it just doesnt look right on the camaro.
DO YOU WANT A Dodge Daytona spoiler on a 1st gen camaro??
it just doesn't go with this car.

i don't feel like going to see that movie. maybe just for the corvette concept
if a car resembles its owner then i guess im one sexy beast!
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I think the new Bee looks great I just HATE the stripes. What focus group thought that was cool?
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I like the new Bee left to right
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i hate to say it but less the wing and stripes say hello to the z28!!!! if you look at the photos side by side and you look through the cover on the nose they are the exact same car!!
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