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Originally Posted by Blackwolf View Post
Sounds like fun!

I usually like the look of the mustangs, but I gotta say, that Saleen is kinda ugly!

I/m with ya on that - just not feeling the Saleen at all.
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I have to agree with the others on the butt ugly rear end, but I like the rest of it. I am sure it is a hell of a ride.
Will be interesting to see if Pete can get our IRS to out perform their solid rear end. Come on Pete all we have been hearing is how much of an improvement the IRS is......Make it shine!!
And you could always PM a good customer with the details like when and where in case I, I mean he was in the area.
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We have some media people coming out to the event. I also invited Camaro5 to come out as media. With media come some restrictions. We will probably not be able to publish the final results until they appear in print. We'll tell you as much as we can. when we run it will be at Gingerman in South haven Michigan. We build cars to push our suspensions to the limit. They run as fast as race cars. Pedders does NOT make race car parts. We make parts for the enthusiast to drive every day that just happen to do well on track. If we added full cages for safety, we change the structure of the car. When the structure is changed what we are developing is no longer optimal for a street car. Without the cage and triangulation running at race car speeds is dangerous -- very dangerous. One of the hings I like about Gingerman is there is only one really dangerous spot on the track. That turn aside, there is a lot of runoff room on the track. It is a tough technical track, but a relatively safe track.

What I can tell you is the IRS in the Camaro makes for a car that communicates well and is very civil to drive in full track setup. The Mustang i just as fast as the Camaro. They are dead heat even as of the last test. The Mustang three link does not give you the great feedback you get in the Camaro. You hear people talk about solid rear axle snap oversteer. I don't see it that way. It is a lack of feedback. Since the feedback is limited when it breaks it breaks hard. That is not snap oversteer. It is limited feedback. The Mustang is a bit rough in normal driving setup fully for optimum track performance.

I have to say that off the showroom floor I would take the Camaro over the Mustang hands down. Fully built as they sit right now it is a really tough call. We have TWO iconic American Muscle Cars that turn, stop and go like hell. We are living in the Golden Age of American Muscle.
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Nice! I can't wait to have my own Red Devil
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I can't wait for the results
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Thats a lot of red right there! lol I was blinded by the picture. Those cars look angry. lol

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Styling wise I like the Pedders Camaro, the Saleen looks bloated (except I like the front end from the windshield/fenders forward), but the read is nasty, bloated and looks generally misplaced on a muscle car of this caliber. The Camaro however looks just plain mean. Fit and trim from almost every angle. Now lets wait and see which one outperforms the other.

Good thing here is that no matter which takes the checkered flag in the most events, an true American muscle car wins.

Nice work guys, can't wait to see the competition and results!
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But damn that Mustang is ugly, how could you put it next to the SS when its supposed to be the queen of the thread??

Thats like trying to showcase Rosie Odonnel next to Eva Mendez
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Originally Posted by v6sonoma View Post
Those cars look angry. lol
The Pedders camaro sounds angry too!! ..but in an awesome way.
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Originally Posted by Jeanius View Post

But damn that Mustang is ugly, how could you put it next to the SS when its supposed to be the queen of the thread??

Thats like trying to showcase Rosie Odonnel next to Eva Mendez
It was easy. I depressed the clutch, slid the gear selecting lever into 1st, synchronised the clutch and gas pedals, steered the Mustang, released the brake pedal and gently applied the brakes and parked for the photo.

I can't belive I forgot to ask Eva for an autograph and phone number :(
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The test should be really interesting.
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thanks a ton for the invite...

I can't make it.. Very sorry.

Oh .... Just Remember, you were a GM guy first.....

But seriously.... lucky for you only Tran can Ban sponsors..... Just sayin...

Really seriously, Thanks again Pete for keeping us in the loop on this. Best of luck with the shootout.

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I am a GM guy. I have to admit I really want the Camaro to win. Having said that, I have done everything I can to make both cars as good as I can make them. We know from testing that the cars are almost identical in performance. Our driver is a race car driver and an engineer. He is also a GM fan boy just like the rest of us. That said, he will drive the wheels off both cars and hold nothing back. He can't as we know both cars are withing 2/100ths of a second the last times out.

We have tweaked the Mustang sway bar ratio a hair. We have tweaked the Mustang alignment a hair. It should be a bit faster.

We have replaced the intercooler on the Camaro and re-tuned for better mid range power. The new intercooler will or should eliminate loss of power in the straights due to high IATs. Aside from confirming the Camaro alignment to be spot on it is not changed.

BOTH cars had brake pad issues the last time out. The Mustang probably a bit more so than the Camaro. Both cars have new rotors all around. Both cars will be running custom made Cobalt friction pads. Both cars will have better braking and should both be faster because of it.

After all of this, I honestly do NOT know which car will be fastest. Both will be faster than the last session and at that session both screamed around the track. It will be a very interesting day at the track.

Then there is the people part of this. I have become very good friends with Micheal Timarac and Jess Albright at Saleen. I'll be at Michael's wedding in September. Bob Kern is my good freind at GM along with the Mikes at the Proving Grounds Costello and Copeland. I have good relationships with people like Dr. Jamie, Cliff Cohen, Derek Zalewski and many more over at GM. When I think of all them I want the cars to end in a dead heat as I don't want to disappoint any of them.

All I can do is triple check each car. Then check them again and make certain they are ready to go for my driver. I'll give him the same instructions I give all my drivers. Don't scratch my car. You are sitting in a car that is faster than many race cars. It has NONE of the safety features found in a race car. If you don't scratch my car you will come back exactly the same way you were when you sat in the car. So don't scratch my car and don't leave anything on the track. Push it as hard as you can without scratching it.

As soon as he is out of sight I say a prayer for his safety. This is my biggest fear. They are all professionals. They all know the risks. None of that matters. I don't want my drivers hurt. I wrote this because there are so many very very fast Camaros owned by members of this forum. They have two ton race cars with street brakes and most are without cages, racing seats, harnesses, HANS devices.... Everyone please be careful out there.

Now I can honestly say I don't care which car is faster. My priorities are in order. It doesn't matter as long as my driver remians safe.
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