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Talking Camaro Owner Grudges and Etiquette

Being a new Camaro owner myself, I am slowly learning things on the road and in public about being a part of this country-wide club of Camaro owners. The very first day I drove my new 2011 Camaro LS to work, I parked out at the back of the lot to hopefully prevent being "dinged" by someone in a crappier car with even less respect for other cars than they show for their own.

When my shift was over, and I went to leave for the day, I was in for a startling surprise. I walked out to my car, and saw that two other 5th gens were parked right next to me at the back of the lot. There were three of us lined up, parked side by side. I took a picture with my cell phone, and then left. I didn't think TOO hard about it, but I assumed the customers who had driven there in their Camaros cared as much for their cars as I did, and by parking together, we collectively reduced our chances of getting "dinged" to 0%.

I then stopped by Wal*Mart to pick up a couple things before I headed for home. I again parked at the far end of the lot, and went through the store quickly to grab what I needed and get back to my car to reduce the chances of the unthinkable happening. When I returned to my car, there was a completely restored, 1986 Camaro guarding my left side from harm! I took another picture, smiled, and left. I was starting to realize what it meant to be a Camaro owner.

I haven't had anyone else park next to me these past few days, but I now look for other Camaros when I pull into parking lots. Am I correct in assuming that our universal code is to park together for a "safety in numbers" parking protection sort of thing? (And to make the Mustang owners two rows over envious in the process?)

I've had a couple other Camaro owners I passed out on the road give me a smile and a nod, or even a friendly wave in a couple of instances. I am also assuming that is a part of it, not unlike Jeep Wrangler owners or Harley Davidson Motorcyclists having a code of conduct that demands the reciprocated and customary wave?

These aspects of owning a Camaro were unknown to me, but are things that I am enjoying so far. I did mess up once already, possibly twice though. I waved to a Corvette driver, and he intentionally looked the other way on me after I did that. We're GM brothers, but I guess they feel they are above us?

I give the Challenger and Mustang owners the scowl when they drive by when they give me the same. I got that part too, we're rivals, so we don't extend any courtesy to each other.

The other thing I think I messed up on was when I went to the laser car wash with my new Camaro yesterday. I was prepping my car for the wash by picking bugs out of the grill and using my microfiber cloths to get bug gunk off the front bumper before going through when a Firebird Trans Am drove up and its owner was doing the same. I figured since he was a GM little brother to the Camaro I ought to extend him a courtesy.

I waved and told him I liked his car. He acted dumbfounded that I acknowledged him and said, "Um, thanks, your ride is the really sweet one though." He then went to go through the wash and seemed like he was shocked that I spoke to him.

What is the etiquette for that? Do we not acknowledge Pontiac Firebirds? I want to know so I don't break the Camaro code again.

This whole thread isn't meant to be taken entirely seriously, this is just a series of observations from my first week out with my new Camaro. Serious and humorous responses both are welcomed. Anything else I ought to know about the code that I haven't figured out yet are also welcomed. Thanks guys!
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Remember, a random act of kindness, goes a long way,,,or what goes around comes around...shake it off and smile in your CAMARO as you ride into the sunset..
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I've had a clapped out rust bucket Camaro ding a truck I owned before. Some of the nicest people I've met were Vette owners, and some of the biggest douchebags I've met are Vette owners too. It varies from person to person and there are plenty of everything in every car out there.
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I think that car enthusiasts are a pretty good group overall. Doesn't matter the make or model, just that we all choose performance over practicality most of the time.

One does not have to own the newest, fastest, best handling, or most expensive car on the road to experience the joy of driving a nice car such as a Camaro. Many cars both new and old are very satisfying to own and drive. I respect everyone who chooses to drive these type of cars.
Experience is the best teacher but the tuition is very high.
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Originally Posted by rydahog View Post
Remember, a random act of kindness, goes a long way,,,or what goes around comes around...shake it off and smile in your CAMARO as you ride into the sunset..
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Good story about how the "brothers" have your back!

I always exchange waves with Mustangs and Challies in my neck of the woods. They're all great cars in their own way. There's no "etiquette" for this stuff, just be nice like your mom and dad taught ya...and realize that not everyone will return the favor.
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Camaro Freak

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Wave to all Camaros and Challengers. Pay the Mustangs NO attention. LMFAO
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You took pics and they're not in this thread?
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7 Years on Camaro5
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depending on the city , it's difficult to find "brothers" to park next to. I saw a couple new Camaro's at a mall yesterday not parked together., but the whole place was packed. Who you ended up next to is by chance.
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Oh, I am generally friendly to a fault, unless someone gives me a reason not to be. I honestly am not taking much of what I said seriously. It was just a series of observations, and I saw potential in the subject matter for members here to have some fun with it so I threw it out there for all to comment on. Thanks for the replies so far.

As far as any other funny stuff that has happened, I notice a lot of punks in ricers trying to race around me on the freeway. I don't even speed up, in fact I flat out ignore them. They aren't worth the time of day to me. Unless a Challenger or a Mustang bellies up to the bar, I'm not pushing my car to prove anything to cars I know I can beat easily.

I am really into CB radio, and have a really nice one in my Chevy Silverado. Still debating with myself if I am going to put a small basic model in my Camaro or not. If I do, it will be just for the purpose of knowing where the upcoming speed traps are going to be on the freeway. If I do go through with it, and put in a small one, then I WILL speed up for the ricers when I know there is a cop up ahead and then do a quick "brake check" as they call it just before reaching the mile marker in question.

Putting a CB In a Camaro would almost be cheating though, I'd have too much fun getting other drivers into trouble!
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If you tried to wave at all the mustangs you'd get carpal tunnel... I get the wave and nod from other Camaro owners locally and I understand if the guy in the 2010 SS isn't so impressed by my RS... But it was fun watching the guy on the Harley rubberneck my Camaro!
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Name:  7A.jpg
Views: 2372
Size:  194.2 KB It's not just Camaros, we look out for our old-timers.
The biggest mistakes in life come when you know exactly what you are doing.
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I like teeth.
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if you like a car or can appreciate it, go ahead and wave. It will give our camaro owners a good name.

If you're still reading and you're a sensitive or squeamish person, you should stop right here. ... I EVEN wave at imports I saw a nissan gt-r for the first time two days ago and I just could not help but to smile, wave, and give the guys in it a thumbs up. Although they never returned the action, I saw them checking out my car for a couple minutes at the next stop light and that was a good enough compliment for me
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Originally Posted by rydahog View Post
Remember, a random act of kindness, goes a long way,,,or what goes around comes around...shake it off and smile in your CAMARO as you ride into the sunset..
I guess it all depends on the situation... I always try and wave to a fellow Camaro owner (like the orange 69 last night as we were cruising Pere Marquette; he returned a nice smile and a wave back.). As for anyone else, if they wave, give the thumbs up, and/or send any nice jester my way I give the same back no mater what they a driving.

Who cares about the Blue Oval crowd and their little Ponys? We're getting our Camaro back-and it'll be Supercharged!-MDAII
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Randon acts of kindness and recognition....

Great observations, I've had and taken the occassion to wave or give the thumbs up at many other makes of automobiles I admire. More often than not the owners/ drivers of those recognize my admiration for their rides and return the same.

If by chance they do not, I assume its their loss not mine.

I've been a member of an area Corvette club as well a Chevrolet Avalanche Club in our region/state for several years and though I've just recently traded my C5 in on the new Gen5, many of those same folks have taken their time and stopped by to see and admire it, even sharing stories of their past relationships and memories of being Camaro owners. Several of these folks are considering buying one too..............In the greater scheme of things......... We were friends before my switch, and I'll assume we'll remain friends. If not, I will assume "we" never were..............."I" was, but I can't fathom that ever happening.

I've had great pleasure being and becoming an extended family member to folks from all walks of life. The common and uncommon, the rich, the poor, the famous and obscure. Most I may have never had an opportunity meeting, if it hadn't been for these varying vehicles. I've learned to temper my beliefs and opinions on many other personal issues, than automannia alone, having had the wonderful opportunity to get to know these folks. Its a awesome remider that its takes all of us to make up the worlds population and that being, reasoning and thinking the same would be terribly boring, and that I like being the individual me, among the whole collective.

We've had many members for one reason or another change their branded rides over these years, and yet more often than not we have remained loyal to each other on an emotional bases. Most often while discussing the generallities of the matter.........this statement has been repeated in jest more often than not................

" The particular make of vehicle has brought us together for some greater purpose, the enduring relationships, and the mutual bonds of friendships made and the love and respect for one another developed since........are more important, than the brand of the vehicle we own."

I'm supposing the materal matters in a persons life...............matters the least, given a chance. The particular vehicle we own or only a ice breaker of an unknown opportunity, one that was already available whether they be suited in the security of an automobile similiar to ours or not, or sitting behind a keyboard in a room with a view point different from our own. Being dissimiliar seems to have its advantages as well..........another opportunity.

I'm not paranoid, they're following me !
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Jayhawk USN
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I'll seek out Camaro's and other classic muscle in lots. It's a car show wherever we go.
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I noticed someone slow down in a parking lot today and stare at my Camaro as they drove by slowly. They saw me get in and gave me a thumbs up. I quickly responded with a wave and a smile. Anyone who is friendly, I return the gesture. The brand differences between cars and the comments made were truly in jest. Anyone who extends me kindness, I do the same, and initiate at any opportunity that seems appropriate. Having a Camaro seems to open up these opportunities more frequently than ever before.
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