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06 Aug, 2010

Future Camaro Powered By Turbo V6 and DCT Transmission, Like C7 Corvette?

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GM CEO Whitacre has confirmed that the next generation Corvette (C7) is currently in the works. In a separate report, a senior Saab source has let known that the C7 will be mid-engined and equipped with an optional dual clutch transmission (DCT) good for up to 590lb-ft of torque.

What’s interesting for Camaro fans is the rumor that has come along with these bits of news – that GM is considering a V6 turbo motor for the C7. This would not come as a complete shock, as with increasing frequency, auto manufacturers have been turning to forced induction to increase fuel efficiency while maintaining (or even increasing) power output with less displacement.

If GM turns to a V6 turbo motor and offers a DCT option for the C7 Corvette, could this signal a similar direction for late model year 5th gen Camaros or the 6th generation Camaro? That could certainly be a possibility. [DISCUSS HERE]

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1 Response to "Future Camaro Powered By Turbo V6 and DCT Transmission, Like C7 Corvette?"

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