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02 Sep, 2009

GMHTP Tunes the L99 engine for some impressive gains

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GM High Tech Performance magazine’s November 2009 issue shows us the potential of the L99 engine with an aftermarket tune. They tuned Camaro5 member CFPC_2010′s (Terry) stock L99 Camaro and compared the power gains, with no other modification other than the tune.

Terry’s bone stock L99 made 318rwhp / 310 lb-ft torque. The same car with a tune made 330rwhp / 337 lb-ft torque for a gain of 12rwhp / 27 lb-ft torque. BUT these gains don’t show the entire picture! The car made +81 lb-ft at 3500 rpms and still +43 lb-ft at 3750 rpms. It also made +54 rwhp at 3000 rpms, +30 rwhp at 3750 rpms, and +20-25 rwhp for most of the pull. The numbers under the curve were amazing.

These power #’s after the tune show the great potential that the L99 stands to gain from a proper tune. In addition, the issue has some great technical discussion on torque management, Air/Fuel ratios, and the like.

Discuss these results at the following LINK

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