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14 Dec, 2011

Imperial Blue Camaro Riding Into Sunset. Color To Be Discontinued.

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To the dismay of “IBM” fans, news has come that the imperial blue metallic color for the Camaro will be discontinued soon.

According to Fbodfather:

Because Camaro shares a common body and paint shop with several other vehicle lines at Oshawa, we must abide by decisions that affect more than just Camaro – and thus Imperial Blue Metallic will be discontinued very shortly. Offering it for only a week or so on the ZL1 is not practical as it would require paint re-validation for ZL1-unique components such as bumper fascias. Crystal Red Tintcoat will be available to order shortly. We will have further information as to order cut-off dates for LS, LT, and SS models in Imperial Blue Metallic very shortly.

Unfortunately, no blue color will be offered for any Camaro models for 2012.

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