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24 Aug, 2010

New Camaro Tail Light Design Spotted on Camaro Convertible!

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A 2011 Camaro convertible has been spotted at the Oshawa plant with a new taillight design [VIDEO]! Member CamaroScotty spotted this yellow Camaro convertible driving in the Oshawa facilities this past weekend.

What we can make out from this sighting is a Camaro convertible featuring a new “sunglass” shaped taillight design, with LED lighting, and the afterburner lighting effect (think Camaro concept tail light). This new design would not come as a complete shock and is not without precedent. It was in fact a tail light design seen on concept clay models (as seen HERE).

This sighting leads to more questions than answers — Is this tail light design headed to production? If so, for the 2012 Camaro? Is this part of a future Camaro facelift? Will this be a Euro-only design? Will the new tail lights only come on the Camaro convertible? No one has these answers just yet, but stay tuned!

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