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28 Jun, 2009

New Camaro Z28 info from GM officials @ Carlisle Nationals

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Certain GM officials attending Carlisle Nationals this weekend held a Q&A session during which they fielded questions regarding, among other topics, a new Camaro Z28. Although nothing earth shattering was announced regarding the Camaro Z28, their answers (and actions) left little doubt that there will be a Camaro Z28 edition.

Between winks to the audience, Scott Settlemire, Cheryl Pilcher, John Fitzpatrick, Al Oppenheiser and John Cox shared the following Z28 info:

– As we previously reported, the Z28 hood will be as seen on the 2nd gen Bumblebee Camaro.
– It will receive a different grill treatment, albeit with a Chevy bowtie emblem.
– It will probably have a different rear special.
– It will have Z28 emblems and/or graphics.
– It will have a high output LS? engine (so long as it meets gov. fuel standards).
– Camaro Convertible will be available in spring of 2011, and the Z28 will follow sometime after.

And finally, although no one came out and proclaimed that the Z28 will for sure be made, what was said was for everyone to enjoy this car (the current lineup) as it is now and we’ll see what happens later (as Scott winks to the audience ;) ) Photos from the Q&A sessions can be found HERE.

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