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30 Jun, 2010

Future 5th gen or 6th gen Camaro to get 440hp 5.5L V8 (from C7 Corvette)?

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We are only in the 2nd model year of the fifth generation Camaro, but it’s always fun to speculate on future model years or the next generation Camaro. As far as chassis goes, it’s already been confirmed that the sixth gen Camaro will be switching to GM’s Alpha platform, and the overall weight of the Camaro will be lighter.

What about the engine? If this latest news about the upcoming C7 Corvette’s brand new motor is any indication, will the later 5th gen model years or the 6th gen Camaro receive the same engine? The engine we speak of will come from GM’s next-gen small block family – a V8 5.5L 440hp direct injection engine.

It would not be surprising for the Camaro to adopt this engine (or a slightly de-tuned version of it) at some point after the C7 is introduced. Not only does the Camaro SS currently share the base LS3 engine with the Corvette, but this new rumored engine manages to maintain a high power input while presumably increasing fuel efficiency, a crucial factor in meeting the CAFE standards in the future years. Some Camaro fans may cringe at the thought of losing displacement (compared to the current 6.2L LS3), but this is consistent with the entire automotive industry’s move towards smaller, yet more efficient and better engineered motors. However, torque is often a victim of reduced displacement, and it remains yet to be seen what the torque numbers on this new smaller motor will be.

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