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06 Dec, 2009

NJ/DE members meet and brave the winter for a charitable cause

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Spaceballone: Saturday December 5, 2009 was a special day. Camaro owners from NJ/DE decided to give back this holiday season to those less fortunate. Although the weather called for sunshine this Saturday, it took a turn for the worst and decided to rain/snow. That did not stop us from getting together for this occasion. Baring our summer tires we still hit the road. The facility was Voorhees Pediactric Facility in Voorhees NJ. They have been hit by slow times (not many visitors or donations) as well and we felt the need to brighten up their holiday spirits. The director gave me a general list that was for 115 children. Not sure if we could cover that many items, but I called on our C5 NJ owners. Our owners turned out and donated over 250 items for the children! The on duty supervisor had to split us up into two groups and it took 2 1/2 cart loads to carry all the gifts. All in all we had 14+ Camaros and some owners brought their daily drivers. We have photos of the group and some Camaro shots in the snow, but due to requests by the facility some pictures of the children are not allowed to be published on the internet due to parental requests.

Moments were created and sadness was in the air but the joy and holiday cheer our owners brought overshadowed that sadness and brought smiles and light to those children. It was a very grounding experience. Some owners were choked up, others became emotionally attached; the day was not long enough and we wanted to stay longer. In my post you may have noticed the story about Jims69ss. He donated a special collectors item to one lucky child – A’Shaun. It was his very own truck carrying a special edition 2010 Camaro. Jims69ss held it as his pride and joy but decided to part with it for A’Shaun and boy was A’Shaun happy to have that gift! He wouldn’t even let the staff touch it. That moment was the best and made the whole event worth it. I am sure other owners had different experiences/feelings but we all felt lucky to be able to donate and share our time with these children.

We ended our trip with hugs and kisses. Wishing happy holidays and an amazing respect for all involved.

See photos from this worthy event at the following LINK

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