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08 Oct, 2014

2016 Camaro Video From Nurburgring Testing

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We share with you the longest and best live look (and listen) yet at the 2016 Camaro undergoing testing at the Nurburgring.

Check out our nearly 2 minute long video. Although it remains under significant camouflage, the 6th gen Camaro sounds great already!

View video at the following LINK

2016 Camaro Video From Nurburgring Testing

07 Oct, 2014

Attempt at de-camoing 6th gen Camaro

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Camaro6 member RDesign has taken a valiant attempt at de-camo-ing the 6th gen Camaro prototype in this outline sketch, and we like what we see! Check out his sketch design.

Read more on this story at the following LINK

Attempt at de-camoing 6th gen Camaro
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It’s official!

Here’s the full look at the 2015 Spring Special Camaro, sporting Emerald Green Metallic paint for the first time on a Camaro!

View photo and video at the following LINK

Introducing the 2015 Spring Special Camaro in Emerald Green

02 Oct, 2014

2014 Camaro Build Counts

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Attached are the build counts for 2014 – see

Of note: Chevy built more 2013s than 2012s– and more 2014s than 2013s! This increase is unheard of 5 years into a lifecycle where a 15% decrease is the rule, not the exception.

Check out the full 2014 Camaro build counts at the following LINK

2014 Camaro Build Counts

September 2014 Delivery (sales) Stats:

Camaro September 2014 Deliveries (actual sales): 5,111 -10% (Pr Ye)

Compared to Competition:

Mustang September 2014 Delivery (sales): 3,158 -29% (Pr Ye)
Challenger September 2014 Delivery (sales): 3,619 -8% (Pr Ye)

Read more on this story at the following LINK

September  2014 Camaro Sales Figures (and vs. Mustang & Challenger)

29 Sep, 2014

2016 Camaro drops some camouflage near the Nurburgring!

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The next generation Chevrolet Camaro has been spied a couple of times in the US already. Today we caught the first prototype testing in Europe near the Nurburgring where it was caught in much less disguise [see all photos]. This all-new Camaro has dropped the previous black heavy camouflage and just appears in black and white camo.

Keep in mind that there is likely still fake paneling as part of the camouflage. For example, the shape of the headlights and tail lights still remain very obscured (unlikely to be small circular shapes as shown).

The front headlight camouflage reminds us of the 5th generation Camaro prototype headlights

View all the spy photos at the following LINK

2016 Camaro drops some camouflage near the Nurburgring!

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is Motor Trend’s 2014 Best Driver’s Car. It’s the first American-brand car to win the 7-year-old award.

The Best Driver’s Car contenders are selected from all new or significantly revised performance cars launched in the 12 months prior to the test. To pick the winner, the editors of Motor Trend conduct objective and subjective testing – including digitally instrumented laps at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and high-speed driving up and down a 4.3-mile hill climb on a closed rural highway – to determine which car delivers the most engaging experience behind the wheel.

After completing that battery of tests, the editors of Motor Trend wrote:

“The transformation of the fifth-generation Camaro from ‘muscle car that handles pretty well’ to Best Driver’s Car winner is astounding. You feel the superior engineering in how the car responds to inputs both internal and external. From within, the car reacts immediately and precisely to your commands but doesn’t punish your mistakes. From the outside, the Z/28’s suspension attacks bumps and dips with an unbridled passion for keeping the tires on the pavement.”

Continue at the following LINK

Camaro Z/28 Named MotorTrend's Best Driver's Car 2014!

22 Sep, 2014

IRS Camaro World Record Pass @ 7.99 (ARH/Farks)!

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We wondered when (if ever) we would see a 7 second Camaro. Looks like that question has been answered!

The ARH / Farks Camaro recently hit 7.99, certainly the fastest IRS Camaro time yet. Check out the most impressive run inside [VIDEO]

View the videos at the following LINK

IRS Camaro World Record Pass @ 7.99 (ARH/Farks)!

On the Camaro, do the tires make the car? This is what MotorTrend recently tried to find out as they swapped tires on the Camaro 1LE and Z/28.

Read more on this story at the following LINK

Camaro 1LE and Z/28 Swap Rubber to Find Out if Tires Make the Car

12 Sep, 2014

Video: Camaro Z/28 vs 911 GT3 RS by Chris Harris

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The Z/28 has received plenty of praise, and the fact that this comparison is even being made ranks up there with the highest of praises. That the Z/28 is being compared directly to a car as well performing as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and by as well respected an auto journalist as Chris Harris speaks to the lofty levels the Z/28 has reached when it comes to respect within the automotive community.

Check out the direct comparison video.

View the video at the following LINK

Video: Camaro Z/28 vs 911 GT3 RS by Chris Harris

The Camaro Z/28 put its money where its mouth is and put up a blistering time in Car and Driver’s annual Lightning Lap test at Virginia International Raceway.

If you haven’t already seen the lap time we won’t ruin it for you. Read on inside for the results.

See the Z/28 Lightning Lap results at the following LINK

Camaro Z/28 Sets Blistering Time in Car and Driver Lightning Lap Test

The reality TV show, Motor City Masters, a competition in which ten automotive designers compete to build the ultimate car and earn the title of “Motor City Master,” recently featured an episode to imagine the next generation Camaro through the use of clay models which were then translated into full scale models [images].

What do you think of the results of their imaginations?

See the clay concept designs at the following LINK

Motor City Masters: Next Gen Camaro Concepts Imagined via Full Scale Models
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