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18 Dec, 2009

2010 Camaro methanol systems yield impressive gains

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Methanol injection has become an increasingly popular way of squeezing more power out of forced induction systems (turbos / superchargers). The biggest advantage of using methanol is that it acts as an octane booster. In some cases, it may raise a typical 91 or 93 octane to as high as 115-120 octane (although these #’s are approximations). Methanol also provides an extra benefit of lowering inlet temperatures.

There are already certain methanol kits out for the 2010 Camaro, including ones by methanol injection experts, Coolingmist. Here, Jannetty Racing has paired the Coolingmist Methanol kit with their street brawler package (powered by a Magnacharger supercharger). They were able to make +45RWHP (up to 545rwhp) with just the addition of the methanol kit and smaller pulleys.

Discuss the use of methanol at the following LINK

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