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20 Jul, 2009

Regarding Claims of 2010 Camaro Quality-Control Issues

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Edmunds Inside Line and other blogs and forums recently reported about the Camaro SS’ manual transmission car hold, as well as our Delivery Inspection Checklist.

Although some found humor in the delivery checklist, the list is intended to be a comprehensive (perhaps overly so) list to help owners discover any potential issues with their Camaro prior to delivery, in order to avoid having to deal with it at a later time… something that would not be humorous. At no point has it been stated that the vast majority of items on the checklist are anything but single isolated issues. In fact, most of the issues on the list have indeed been but a single isolated reported occurrence. In our view, having mostly single isolated incidents being reported for a first year production car of which 24,000+ have already been produced, is hardly evidence of widespread quality control issues on the Camaro line. All cars, especially a first year production car like the Camaro, will have random one-off problems and issues. These have merely been highlighted (and perhaps exaggerated) on our forums by the compilation of the checklist and subsequent coverage by various blogs and websites. However, we felt that the benefits of such a list to our members outweigh its potentially negative perception by others in the online automotive community.

Again, our list is intentionally over-comprehensive and should not be interpreted as evidence of widespread quality control issues with the 2010 Camaro. To the contrary, by the accounts of Camaro owners on our site, most 2010 Camaros that have been delivered have been without issues.

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