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27 Jun, 2009

2010 Camaros enjoying celebrity status at Transformers 2 showings

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Many forum members are reporting receiving some celebrity like attention when driving their 2010 Camaros to showings of Transformers 2, which just opened at theaters this week. This is somewhat expected, as Bumblebee Camaro once again stars as one of the principal characters in the summer blockbuster.

However, the amount of special attention being paid to member’s cars has surprised even us. Member derin11′s car was actually roped off and displayed in front of a theater showing Transformers 2. Others report of being flooded by kids and adults alike asking about “bumblebee” and the new Camaro.

So, if you plan on taking your brand spankin new 2010 Camaro to a Transformers 2 showing, make sure to look like a celebrity, because you (or more likely your car) may just be treated like one :)

UPDATE: Also see THIS Camaro5 member’s bumblebee clone on display inside an actual theater.

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