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07 Nov, 2010

Tackle the Winter with Camaro Snow Tires

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So you want to use your Camaro in the winter but it has summer tires, lots of horspower and rear wheel drive. What to do? The Tire Rack has options to fit all different 2010/2011 Camaro options. See the following primer on Camaro snow tires.

Why do winter tires work so much better in the snow? A winter tire needs 3 things to work well in snow/ice. First is tread depth. Snow tires come with more tread depth than summer tires. Second is tread design. Most tires come with a directional style tread that evacuates slush and snow. Also if you look at the tread blocks of a snow tire there is much more siping to claw and bite the snow and ice. Third is the tread compound. A snow tire has a cold weather compound that stays flexible in very cold weather A summer and/or all season tire become hard and unable to grip.

This First picture shows a new tire at 11/32nds of tread depth the 2nd picture show a tire approaching the winter tread bar at 6/32nds of tread depth and the last picture shows a tire at 2/32nds which is worn out for dry use. Tread depth why too little is never enough.

But do I need winter tires. The answer is yes. Click here to find out why.

My car is rear wheel drive so can I use just do two rear snow tires. Bad idea while its true the rear tires will get you moving how are you going to stop or steer? Four winter tires the only way to go.

Winter Tire FAQS

Start your winter tire search here.

Why consider a wheel and tire package? Its expensive to have winter tires mounted/and unmounted twice a year. With a package its easy to do the switch over yourself.

Find wheel and tire packages for your car here.

Ask questions and read more about Camaro snow tires at the following LINK

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