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26 Jul, 2011

Report: 6th Gen Coming as 2015 Camaro

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Automotive News reports that the 6th generation Camaro will be due in mid-late 2014 as a 2015 model. This is in line with reports from other publications, as well as the generally accepted timeline by our forum community. The next gen Camaro will make a switch from its current Zeta platform to the smaller RWD [...]

GM CEO Whitacre has confirmed that the next generation Corvette (C7) is currently in the works. In a separate report, a senior Saab source has let known that the C7 will be mid-engined and equipped with an optional dual clutch transmission (DCT) good for up to 590lb-ft of torque. What’s interesting for Camaro fans is [...]

We are only in the 2nd model year of the fifth generation Camaro, but it’s always fun to speculate on future model years or the next generation Camaro. As far as chassis goes, it’s already been confirmed that the sixth gen Camaro will be switching to GM’s Alpha platform, and the overall weight of the [...]

It’s been quite awhile since the last Camaro Z28 grumblings, so we’re happy to send you off to the long weekend with some exciting Camaro Z28, 6th Gen Camaro, and GM news! Motortrend recently had an opportunity to interview GM’s Vice President of Global Vehicle Engineering, Karl Stracke. In this interview, two open-secrets were once [...]

We previously reported on Motor Trend’s prediction that the 6th generation Camaro, which they predict will come in 2014/2015, will be based on GM’s smaller RWD ALPHA platform (instead of its current ZETA platform). The next gen Camaro is also expected to be smaller and lighter. Motor Trend continues to push these prediction in its [...]

The current 5th generation Camaro is on GM’s ZETA platform, but if Motor Trend’s report is to come true, the next generation Camaro (expected in 2014/2015 according to MT) will join the upcoming Cadillac ATS on GM’s RWD platform dubbed “ALPHA”. Another bit of information from the article is that the next generation Camaro is [...]

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