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The supercharger kits market for the Camaro is now fairly well established, with many of our members already having bolted these kits onto their new Camaros, with very reliable results. However, Camaro turbo kits have been longer in the making, with several abandoned or unreliable attempts that we can think of. We’re hoping that the [...]

25 Nov, 2009

Custom Single turbo kit hits 724/770

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Forum member turboed2000 nearly sold his Camaro after a transmission shaft failure, but came to his senses after driving his newly repaired Camaro. He has since embarked on a custom single turbo kit install and has already dyno’d the car at 724rwhp / 770rwtq with a stock exhaust! Stay tuned to this build thread to [...]

Ultimate Performance has finished development on their Camaro SS single turbo kit (Garrett TO4ZR), good for up to a claimed 750hp! See details HERE and below for info on this monster turbo kit: Bored with the power level of your 2010 Camaro SS? How would 600hp sound? How about with the push of a button, [...]

Here are preview PHOTOS of the first STS Turbo (twin turbo) setup on the 2010 Camaro SS. The setup features remote mounted turbos on the tailpipes, although the tips are not yet attached in these photos. Also in the works are protective molded cover for the air elements. More info, pics, and dyno results will [...]

22 Jul, 2009

2010 Camaro Turbo Stage 4 from Fastlane (video)

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There are a few tuners currently developing single turbo kits for the 2010 Camaro, but this is the first video we have seen of a turbo installed and being tested. HERE is a video from Fastlane of their 2010 Camaro SS with their Stage 4 ZL1 Single Turbo Kit being tested on the dyno. We [...]

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