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For the 2012 model year, the Camaro gets a new red-dish color: Crystal Red Tintcoat. While similar to the Red Jewel Tintcoat (which has been available on the Camaro since the first 2010 model year) that it replaces, it’s of course also slightly different. The best way to compare the two colors is of course [...] has launched a neat interactive map of the U.S. showing areas of muscle car interest, based on search popularity of the Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger on its site. The color-coded map differentiates the models, and you can click on any circle to see the percentage above average. This percentage is the amount of searches [...]

17 May, 2010


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As the 2010 Camaro once again serves as this year’s Indianapolis 500 pace car, it was most appropriate that the opening ceremonies included a cruise for individually owned Camaros. Many Camaro5 members participated over the weekend in an opening ceremonies event, which included a two-lap parade lap on the Brickyard for the 125 Camaros in [...]

18 Dec, 2009

2010 Camaro methanol systems yield impressive gains

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Methanol injection has become an increasingly popular way of squeezing more power out of forced induction systems (turbos / superchargers). The biggest advantage of using methanol is that it acts as an octane booster. In some cases, it may raise a typical 91 or 93 octane to as high as 115-120 octane (although these #’s [...]

05 Nov 09 — PRESS RELEASE: While most cars at SEMA are mostly show and shine beauty queens, a few are actual street machines with performance and power to back up their looks and are brave enough to test their limits on the track to prove it. For the second year in a row Optima [...]

A Livernois Motorsports tuned 2010 Camaro SS (L99 A6 automatic) nearly broke into into 10′s (with an 11.05 @ 125mph) in a recent quarter mile run at the Milan Dragway. This customer’s car made 338 rwhp / 363 rwtq bone stock, but was pumped up to 550 rwhp / 505 rwtq by the time it [...]

Those of you familiar with National Geographic’s "Ultimate Factories" series will be ecstatic to hear that the Camaro will be featured in its very own installment of the series tomorrow, October 15th @ 8pm ET on the National Geographic channel. And for those of you not yet familiar, you’re in for a treat! The Ultimate [...]

05 Oct, 2009

SCAP SEMA Camaro preview & update

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Add another Camaro to the list of SEMA bound Camaros. SCAP (Sound Choice Audio & Performance) is currently hard at work preparing their “Heritage Camaro” for the 2009 SEMA show next month. The car will receive lots of power upgrades, custom big brakes and wheels, custom wide body with fender vents in front and rear, [...]

Seen here is the newest LSXr manifold, the “LSXRT” for the LS3 engine in the Camaro. This is a truck replacement / race manifold (with a runner change) where hood clearance will not be an issue. It has been quoted at a +40 hp increase on a stock truck 5.3 and has been used on [...]

Forced induction kits and systems continue to proliferate and many tuners and members are now putting together some seriously potent Camaros! ADM Performance has put together a TVS2300 supercharger based kit which down more than 600rwhp and 560rwtq (achieved on 100 octane gas). They have shared a video of the dyno run. The kit includes: [...]

26 Jul, 2009

SoCal members turn out in force for drive and meet

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Camaro5 Southern Californian members had their largest meet yet when they met and attended the John Force Cruise Night Car Show in Orange County this Saturday afternoon. 11 Camaros from Camaro5 were in attendance (as were other members who are still awaiting their Camaros), along with 2 second gens and 1 first gen Camaro. Some [...]

Camaro5 moderator TAG UR IT’s cyber gray metallic Camaro SS has been with Tom Henry Racing since its delivery. His Camaro is currently undergoing a build to be become one of the first officially commissioned Tom Henry Racing Camaros (officially called a “Tom Henry Racing Super Sport Camaro” aka a “THRSS”) and TAG keeps an [...]

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