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Members of the Camaro5 DFW (Dallaw-Ft. Worth) Group held their innaugural meet on Saturday, May 13. Seven members attended with their new Camaros at Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar in Plano, TX. We’re excited to see Camaro5 member regional/local meetings already starting and looking forward to seeing these events grow ever larger and more frequent! Photos [...]

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Looking forward to test driving the 2010 Camaro but afraid that your test drive will be too short or too neutered an experience? No worries, simply call up Avis for a Camaro rental. Avis now has the 2010 Camaro listed as available for rent on its website. What’s better than being able to test drive [...]

UPDATE 3/7/09 12:00pm — NEW/BETTER PHOTOS POSTED HERE! Here’s a good one to send everyone off to the weekend on a good note! One of our members spotted this fleet of over 100 production form Camaros sitting in a lot at the GM Oshawa plant! It has not yet been confirmed where these are headed. [...]

Back in late December 2008, Camaro5 member HeatherR journeyed in her capture test fleet Camaro SS from snowy Ontario down to sunny south Florida (trip documented here). While on the trip, she and her husband took the time to spend time with some Camaro enthusiasts, including the owners of a 1968 and 1969 Camaro. They [...]

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13 Jan, 2009

Factory Camaro Stripes on Red SS/RS at Detroit

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Earlier today, a red Camaro SS/RS was rolled onto GM’s showfloor at the Detroit NAIAS. While we have already seen many red Camaros, what was special about this particular car was that it wore factory installed cyber gray metallic striping! Until now, most of what we have seen of factory Camaro stripes have been computer [...]

13 Jan, 2009

First White Camaro SS Video!

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Although the first runs of the production 2010 Camaro won’t be available in the Summit White color, there remains plenty of interest in this rarely seen color. Next to the yet-to-be-seen Cyber Gray Metallic Camaro, white has been one of the least seen colors on the Camaro. There has now been a video of a [...]

The dealer network IDL broadcast (whereby GM updates dealerships on the Camaro’s development) took place earlier today. The following is a brief outline of the more notable bits of news shared today: – Start of production now 3/16/09 – L99 engine = 400 HP – LS3 engine = 426 HP – Convertible will be a [...]

08 Jan, 2009

Hennessey Camaro = 705HP / 717lb-ft TQ!!

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Hennessey Performance Engineering has just announced its 705 hp version of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, powered by the supercharged LS9 V8 engine from the Corvette ZR1!! It boasts a tire shredding 717 lb-ft of torque! In addition to the additional power is upgraded suspension components, as well as carbon ceramic ZR1 brakes. It wears lightweight [...]

07 Jan, 2009

SMS Camaro to be produced (by Steve Saleen)

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Steve Saleen has plans to be involved in producing SMS versions of all 3 new generation ‘muscle cars’ — the 2010 Chevy Camaro, 2010 Ford Mustang an Challengers, all under his new company, SMS Limited. SMS Camaros will be produced beginning in late 2009. The SMS Camaro will receive SMS superchargers, enhanced suspension components and [...]

04 Jan, 2009

Improved Camaro color paint chip photos.

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A few weeks ago, we brought you the first images of the official Camaro color chip samples released by GM. Another forum member has just provided new and improved images of the Camaro sample paint chips, taken with two different cameras and under different outdoor weather conditions (sunny and cloudy) so as to give us [...]

27 Dec, 2008

Videos of Camaro SS V8 at startup and revving!

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A few dedicated Camaro5 members managed to make it down to Bob Taylor Chevrolet in Naples, Florida to ogle over and videotape the Red Camaro 1SS that member HeatherR has driven all the way from Michigan (pics/story HERE). The videos feature the beastly startup sound of the Camaro SS, as well as a few stabs [...]

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