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29 Sep, 2009

Fastest V8 L99 Camaro to date @ 11.7 (123mph)

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Dexter Racing’s L99 Camaro recently had an impressive run at the quarter mile track. This supercharged Camaro ran a 11.7 @ 123mph for the fastest reported L99 quarter mile time yet! The car’s modifications are: MTI TVS 1900, Livernois stage 1 cam, ARH, CAI, Tune. Check out the video for the impressive run (including some [...]

07 Sep, 2009

First L99 A6 Camaro runs in the 12′s bone stock

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Member Pave1 has been able to do what no other L99 A6 based Camaro has been able to achieve yet, and what most speculated wouldn’t be reached until the cooler temperatures of the Fall — he has managed to crack into the 12′s on a quarter mile run in a bone stock Camaro L99. Upon [...]

GM High Tech Performance magazine’s November 2009 issue shows us the potential of the L99 engine with an aftermarket tune. They tuned Camaro5 member CFPC_2010′s (Terry) stock L99 Camaro and compared the power gains, with no other modification other than the tune. Terry’s bone stock L99 made 318rwhp / 310 lb-ft torque. The same car [...]

A not insignificant number of V8 L99 engined Camaro owners have reported sluggish acceleration and seemingly underperforming power from their cars. These owners’ experiences not only relied on the old “butt dyno” but were borne out in timed acceleration runs showing slower-than-official estimated acceleration times. Recently, member Scott@Bjorn3d’s L99 based Camaro was examined by GM [...]

A month ago, we posted information on American Racing Header’s aftermarket headers and tune for the new Camaro. The official manufacturer gain result was +50hp. A Camaro5 member (pharmd) has since installed American Racing Headers and received the custom ARH tune on his Camaro (and no other modifications). The resulting power gain was +42rwhp @ [...]

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