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What you’re seeing in the thumbnail image below is a preview of what the WD-40 / SEMA Cares 2010 Camaro show car will look like. This special camaro project was built specifically for SEMA’s charity program called “SEMA Cares.” WD-40 has teamed up with Forgeline (among the other sponsors listed) to create this impressive Camaro [...]

26 Jul, 2009

Widebody Camaro “Epic SS” revealed!

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Here are the world premiere photos of a widebody Camaro called the “Epic SS” which will be shown at SEMA 2009 in November. Its rear fenders have been widened by a combined 7 inches! The massive wheels are 26×12″ rear and 24×9″ front, although they are a bit big for our tastes. The Epic SS [...]

This year’s SEMA show promises to feature many modified showcar Camaros. One of the vendors that will be showing multiple Camaros at the show is Defenderworx. They have been updating us with photos from their builds for nearly 3 months now, which has culminated in a professional studio shoot of their two nearly-final SEMA Camaros. [...]

23 Jun, 2009

GM Addiction’s SEMA 2009 project Camaro proposal

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Last year’s SEMA show saw 4 special model 2010 Camaros exhibited by GM. The 2009 SEMA show should showcase many more tuner modified Camaros, including 7 that are officially commissioned by GM. GM will provide a Camaro to be modified by the lucky tuning houses which are selected by GM. One of the hopeful tuners [...]

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