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ADM Performance just finished an impressive Camaro build for a Camaro5 member. The basis for this build was a LPE 427 and a Magnuson TVS2300 and the goal was stock driveability at the expense of an aggressive cam profile. Here are some details of this monster Camaro: * Intake built with custom 4.5″ plumbing system [...]

17 Nov, 2009

Motorweek tests SLP ZL575 Camaro – video inside

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Motorweek has conducted its testing of a SLP ZL575 Camaro, SLP’s TVS 2300 supercharged LS3 2010 Camaro, good for 575 horsepowers. Besides the extra power, the SL575 features a functional heat extractor hood with an aggressive look. Only 250 ZL575′s will be built, and all will be equipped with manual transmissions. Another 250 L99-engine based [...]

Good news, yet another forced induction option will soon be on the market for the 2010 Camaro — a supercharger kit by Whipple. Here’s a short video clip of the 2.9L prototype being tested on an SS out at Whipple’s facility in Fresno, CA. This is a prototype kit where the system is a few [...]

The first 6 Speed VORTECH Supercharged SS ("JBA Super Sport") hits the streets in preparation for SEMA. The first SS Camaro to receive the Vortech 2010 Camaro SS Supercharging System featuring the V-3 Si-Trim centrifugal supercharger has hit the streets in Southern California. JBA Performance Headers and Exhaust, now part of the Pertronix family of [...]

A Livernois Motorsports tuned 2010 Camaro SS (L99 A6 automatic) nearly broke into into 10′s (with an 11.05 @ 125mph) in a recent quarter mile run at the Milan Dragway. This customer’s car made 338 rwhp / 363 rwtq bone stock, but was pumped up to 550 rwhp / 505 rwtq by the time it [...]

Member jrpxxii’s heavily modified 2010 Camaro SS has taken a while to collect its extensive modifications list, but the car is finally done and ready for its final tune and dyno. A Halltech Carbon Fiber intake is expected next week and nitrous will also be installed, in addition to gears. Front / rear sway bars [...]

Forum member godfathercrc is the lucky owner of the very first Vortech supercharged 2010 Camaro SS and shares his impressions with the car after 6,000 miles. He only had his new Camaro for 8 days before shipping it from Indiana to California for its forced induction transformation by Vortech. Upon his Camaro being ready, godfathercrc [...]

Many have been waiting for Vortech’s supercharger kit for the 2010 Camaro and the kit is now complete. The final official quoted power #’s are excellent. Vortech claims that the regular V-3 Si-trim compressor kit will deliver up to 625hp on regular pump gas. For those craving even more power, there’s even a 1200hp V-7 [...]

These are the highest power #’s we have seen yet with a stock short block LS3. Member turboed2000 has virtually hit 700 horsepower / 580 torque in his 2010 Camaro with ProCharger supercharger, cams, and meth injection. The maximum latest #’s he has been able to achieve is 696rwhp / 583rwtq. Here are some details [...]

Forced induction kits and systems continue to proliferate and many tuners and members are now putting together some seriously potent Camaros! ADM Performance has put together a TVS2300 supercharger based kit which down more than 600rwhp and 560rwtq (achieved on 100 octane gas). They have shared a video of the dyno run. The kit includes: [...]

The forced induction aftermarket for the new Camaro continues to mature. We now bring you the first official performance numbers for the Vortech Supercharger for the Camaro’s L99 V8 engine. Vortech has finally dynod their supercharger kit and the result was a very solid 484 RWHP / 421 TWTQ! These #’s were achieved on an [...]

Ultimate Performance has finished development on their Camaro SS single turbo kit (Garrett TO4ZR), good for up to a claimed 750hp! See details HERE and below for info on this monster turbo kit: Bored with the power level of your 2010 Camaro SS? How would 600hp sound? How about with the push of a button, [...]

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