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11 Dec, 2009

Bomex Camaro ULTRA Widebody

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This ultra widebody Camaro from Bomex was unveiled at the recently held SEMA 2009 show but suprisingly did not receive much press coverage. While the radical design of it is probably a polarizing look, the apparent effort and craftsmanship put into this conversion is no doubt impressive! Check out more photos of the Bomex Camaro [...]

23 Sep, 2009

2009 SEMA Widebody Camaro in the works

Posted by: admin In: Main

Spadekreations has shared with us these photos of their SEMA Widebody Camaro project in progress. We’re provided some interesting photos of the rear quarter fenders being cut, the widened bodywork underneath, and the vent position/size. The goal is a rear fender which resembles that of the Lamborghini Gallardo, with vent and all. The car will [...]

17 Sep, 2009

Big booty Camaro vs. regular booty Camaro

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It’s sometimes difficult to tell just how much wider a widebody Camaro is (and how it impacts the car’s looks positively or negatively) without seeing it right next to a regular fendered Camaro. In that case, these photos should be pretty telling. Pictured in these photos is a Forgiato Designs widebody Camaro parked next to [...]

26 Jul, 2009

Widebody Camaro “Epic SS” revealed!

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Here are the world premiere photos of a widebody Camaro called the “Epic SS” which will be shown at SEMA 2009 in November. Its rear fenders have been widened by a combined 7 inches! The massive wheels are 26×12″ rear and 24×9″ front, although they are a bit big for our tastes. The Epic SS [...]

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