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09 Jul, 2009

Issues inspection checklist for soon-to-be Chevy Camaro owners

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No first year model of a car is without its teething problems, and the new Camaro is no exception. Some of the reported issues by our site members include everything from the very minor to potentially major (to get a sense of the issues/problems being reported with the 2010 Camaro, see our Issues/Problems Discussions forum).

Unfortunately, most of these issues will already be present on your car by the time it reaches your dealer from the factory. So how does one best deal with potentially being one of the unlucky ones with an issue on your Camaro? Prepare yourself with a delivery inspection list of the most common issues our members have encountered. At least in this way any issues on your Camaro can be addressed at the dealership prior to you signing the papers and potentially having to return later for a repair.

HERE is a running checklist of issues that you may wish to inspect for prior to taking delivery (based on actual reported issues). Please feel free to contribute items you think are appropriate for this list.

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