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02 Nov, 2009

VR Chevrolet Camaro (for the UK)

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Here is a preview of the VR Chevrolet Camaro for the United Kingdom market (in which the Camaro is not available for purchase). The VR Camaro was designed by Danish design house Hermann and Brandt and features reworked front bumper, sideskirts and rear bumper/diffuser, each constructed from carbon fiber.

The massive front bumper air inlets takes its design from the Lamborghini Reventon and the rear deck spoiler is inspired by early the 70′s Trans-Am. This special Camaro rolls on one piece 22" wheels that weigh just half of the factory wheels. Stopping power is achieved by HUGE 12-pot front calipers and 8-pot rear calipers. This limited edition VR Camaro will only be available in black or white, each with copper highlights.

No power figures have yet been released, but compressor style supercharger is expected to raise the overall power to over 600bhp. The VR Camaro is expected to be available beginning January 2010.

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