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My Dad's '69 Camaro, being restored
Going with my parents to pick up this car is the my earliest memory (hence my username). It's a 327 V8, originally Garnet Red, and has been in our family since it was new. My dad had it repainted once and the painter didn't get quite the right color - it wound up a nice red between Garnet and Victory Red. My brother is currently in the process of repainting and completely restoring the interior. He liked the "mistake" red better (so do I), so had his paint supplier match that.
The spoiler, after being completely stripped and repainted. It's fiberglass, so stripping it was a bit of a pain, but suppliers wanted a fortune to ship a new one.
The old Camaro is looking awesome! I can't believe this is work done by someone who's never painted stripes before. Wish he'd do my stripes! 
The car in the background is a beautiful, '69 Buick...
As in the picture, even from close up, you can't see the welded edge AT ALL!
The rear quarter panel was so badly rusted, my brother decided it would be easier to weld in a new panel.
Getting started.
My brother and his wife had to take the Camaro out and do a few burnouts before he tore into it.
This is the best "before" picture I have.
My brother is the burnout king! This is one reason why my 2010 V6 is a stick - you can't do this with an automatic! No, I don't do too much of this, with how expensive those tires are, but want to...

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