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Project Welcome Home 2011
My husband loves his 2002 TA. He's always dreamed of owning a WS6 version of his beloved. In 2010 he had alot of issues with the vehicle and I watched it break his spirit and his heart. When he deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom I took it into my own hands to create the car he always dreamed of. This is Project Welcome Home. The transformation of a 2002 Trans AM that didnt run into a welcome home surprise for my Soldier.
Phase I- Included all the mechanical repair to make the car run again. This included: Replacing the starter, intercooler, water pump, power steering pump, manifold gaskets, power steering lines, hydraulic headlight motor, battery, flushing the coolant lines, & fixing the wiring to the headlights and turn signals. Runs like a champ!
Phase II- In Progress. Fixing the cosmetic issues and turning it into a WS6. Exhaust has been replaced with SLP Loudmouth, TruFiber WS6 hood with custom black Phoenix graphic, repainted the entire front end, replaced torn window tint, replaced bellows and air lid with SLP air lid and SLP smooth bellows, ZR1 Chrome rims, black lettering for rear faschia, replaced Stereo and blown rear speakers with Kenwood, K&N airfilter, & front license plate cover with Phoenix. Still to come: Custom Last Of The Breed leather interior on all seats to replace the torn leather inside, brand new side mirrors, custom WS6 last of the breed graphic for rear, custom red and black floormats (First set they screwed up grr...) & red painted calipers with trans am graphic in black.
Phase III- Performance. Bringing it up to 600HP. By far the most fun part!

New build thread!!!:
A very proud owner!!! Just recieved the awards his Trans Am won. He was at work on 24 hour staff duty that day.
First win at show! Best Modern Muscle and CEOs Choice! AT Operation Resilient Warrior car show June 9.2012
Exterior custom emblem for the rear from Third Shift Studios.
Interior custom emblem for the traction control switch from Third Shift Studios.
Interior custom emblem for the shifter plate from Third Shift Studios.
Last Of The Breed. Lath's 2002 Firebird Trans Am
Finally fixed the torn tint on the passenger window.
Phoenix on and all detailed for R&R in August when Lath will get to see it for the first time in 9 months.
new SLP airlid and smooth bellows along with a cleaned up engine compartment.
Last thing me and dad worked on together.
Jeff putting on the finishing touches
Phoenix on the hood
almost done
lol half a phoenix
jeff and charlie working on the phoenix graphic. I didnt help on this one. Engine girl should not touch graphics.
rear letters in place
sunlight glinting off our handy work.
new hood looking good.
front end painted and put together.
Me painting the underside of the hood.
naked trans am!
cloud of rally red takes over the garage....
rally red coat on the hood
my lovely underside of the hood paint job. Not bad for a beginner!
front cover painted and pretty
boo our line got water in it. Had to stop and redo it.
Primer coat going on the hood
Hood in position for Rally Red paint.
Front plate cover scuffed. body work starting
passenger side fender ready for body work.

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