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Complete Street Performance Build Project
Replaced 6.2L 376CI LT1 OEM w/Texas Speed & Performance (TSP) 427ci LT1 Sleeved Longblock:
-Custom Assembled New GM Block w/Darton Sleeves w/Wet Sump
-TSP Forged Stroker Crank
-TSP Forged H Beam Rods w/APR Hardware
-Wiseco Pistons w/Upgraded Wrist Pins (-10cc)
-ARP Main Stud Kit, ARP Head Studs
-PRC CNC Ported LT1 Cylinder Heads, Johnson 2110R Lifters
-TSP Dual Spring Kit w/Ti Retainers, Hardened Pushrods
-GM Head Gaskets
-Custom Camshaft w/38% Fuel Lobe (.229/.244,.635/.635, 115 + 5, 38% fuel lobe)
-GM Timing Set/GM Oil Pump/GM Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
-DoD/VVT Delete Kit
--Transfer parts from OEM block, e.g. intake manifold, etc.

Other Engine & Cooling Mods:
-NGK Spark Plugs
-Mighty Mouse Catch Can (6th Gen Camaro Wild)-replace JLT Catch Can
-MSD Spark Plug Wires
-Mishimoto Auxiliary Radiator Kit (replace GM)

Upgrade Supercharger:
-Upgrade Program for Procharger D1X Unit (from P1X w/helical gears)
-ATI Harmonic Balancer Upgrade (include new Procharger crank pulley)
-A&A Raceport Blow Off Valve & Coupler (Replace standard Procharger BOV)
-HD Supercharger Belt Green (Replace stock Procharger belt)

Upgrade Fuel System & Injectors:
-Replace LT1 system w/GM LT4 Fuel System Package (LT4 HPFP and LT4 Injectors)
-Add CSP Custom Low-side Auxiliary Fuel System
-Add Custom CSP Methanol System-in. Trunk Mounted 3-gal Tank & Installation
-Install Lethal Garage E-85 Flex Fuel Kit

Upgrade Transmission:
-FTI 3200RPM Stall Street Race Lock-Up 9.5” Torque Converter SRL98082-3 for 8L90E 8-speed Auto

Performance Exhaust Modifications:
-Catalytic converters delete near Kooks full-length headers
- AFM valve removal on Borla-S Axleback

Dyno & Street Tune:
-Boosted Vehicle, Flex Fuel, 2017+ Vehicle PCM,-TCM Tuning,-FPCM Module Licensing,-Add HP Tuner Interface for Remote Tune Install & Diagnostic

-Baro Breakout Harness w/GM 3 Bar MAP Sensor
-Aeroforce Gauge Interceptor Gauge (augment customer’s existing AFR guage)
-Aeroforce 6th Gen Dual Gauge Pod

Idle Sound Clip (as backed up onto dyno) &parId=F8733E86EDFC276F%21109356&o=OneUp
Trunk mounted 3 gallon meth tank.
Procharger D1X
Seems fitting to have a 427 emblem displayed since TSP sleeved long block is 427 CI.
Dyno chart 3 - Final E-85 tune RWHP/RWTQ
20200125 101300 smaller
Dyno chart 2 - RWHP only tracks
Dyno chart 1 RWHP & RWTQ tracks. 4 tracks - Blue:baseline OEM LT1 engine with P1X and headers 
Green: no meth & pump 93 
Orange: meth &  pump 93 
Red: meth + 50% E85 (E-85 first tune - later modified...

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