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  1. Rumor: 6th gen 2014 Camaro, CTS to join Cadillac ATS on ALPHA Rear-Drive Platform
  2. Alpha platform = smaller; what does it mean?
  3. 6th Gen Camaro Soon?
  4. Motor Trend Scoop: 2015 Camaro to be on Alpha Platform
  5. 6th Gen CAMARO?? Already???
  6. 6th Generation Camaro Styling?
  7. Future 5th gen or 6th gen Camaro to get 440hp 5.5L V8 (from C7 Corvette)?
  8. Future Camaro Powered By Turbo V6 and DCT Transmission, Like C7 Corvette?
  9. WHAT?! Camaro6.com!!!
  10. 6th Gen Camaro: What We Know...
  11. 6th GEN engine spec sheet?
  12. What was the very first post on C5 and when?What happens to C5 when 6th gen comes?
  13. 6th gen Camaro?
  14. 6th gen, no V8????
  15. 6th gen Camaro speculation?
  16. 6th gen render?
  17. 6th gen Camaro body style when?
  18. Report: 6th Gen Coming as 2015 Camaro
  19. What will the 6th Gen look like???
  20. My 6th Gen Interior Wishlist
  21. More reasons why 6th Gen will be (should be) based on ATS
  22. Rumor: 6th Gen Camaro Coming in 2016
  23. Article on 6th Gen Camaro
  24. Insider information on 6th Gen Camaro?
  25. Could this possibly be the 6th gen?...
  26. How Will GM Repeat Success with 2016 6th Gen Camaro? Al Oppenheiser Weighs In
  27. GM working on new mill for 6th Gen 2016 Camaro?
  28. 5th gen vs 6th gen
  29. 6th gen 2016 camaro???
  30. 6th Gen 2016 Camaro Speculative Renders (Camaro Performers Magazine)
  31. What my dealer told me about the 6th gens coming out.
  32. Last year of the 5th gen/first of the 6th gen Camaro?
  33. My 6th generation 2016 Camaro prediction
  34. 6th gen Camaro when?
  35. Who's ready for the 6th GEN. Camaro??
  36. 6th Gen. Homage to 2nd Gen.
  37. 6th Gen/50th Anniversary
  38. 6th Gen Camaro Features
  39. How likely would you be to buy a 6th gen Camaro?
  40. Shouldn't info on the 6th gen be coming out?
  41. Rumor on 6th Gen Camaro: twin turbo V6
  42. 6th Gen Camaro once again rumored with 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder variant
  43. 6th generation
  44. Official: 6th Gen Camaro Production to Move to U.S. Lansing Grand River Plant
  45. Expected date for 6th gen camaros?
  46. No more V8 for 6th gen Camaro?
  47. Wish list for things to change on 6th generation 2016 Camaro?
  48. 6th Generation Camaro Concept Photos / Renderings
  49. 6th Gen Camaro moved back to 2015 or 2016?
  50. Camaro 6th Gen?
  51. 6th GEN?
  52. How much faster does the 6th gen need to be...
  53. When it comes out will there be....
  54. Is this the next 6th gen 2016 camaro??
  55. Camaro Badge (of Honor)
  56. Enthusiast/Owner survey...
  57. Dream 6th-gen Lineup...
  58. 6th gen Camaro concept car when?
  59. The Camaro Rumors Thread (6thgen)
  60. Why such a hurry for the 6th gen?
  61. GM please make high-end 6th Gen HARDER(ZL1, Z28, etc)for others to clone/copy....
  62. transformers 4 = spy shots of 6th gen?
  63. 6thgen an Opportunity for GMPP: A Vision for GM Performance Parts
  64. PETITION: Bring Back Aqua Blue Metallic!
  65. So what IS going to Happen to Camaro5 after the 6th gen comes out?
  66. New Camaro = New Ad Campaign
  67. A Guy on LS1 Tech claims to have the 6th gen
  68. Too soon for a 6th gen????
  69. Why would anyone want a 4 cylinder 2016 camaro
  70. LT1 vs. LF3
  71. 6th Gen Camaro Race Car concept
  72. Would You Trade Your Vehicle To Get A 6th Gen or Buy?
  73. Who wants to see another V6 engine in the 6th gen??
  74. 2016 6th Gen SS (V8) "Upgrades"...
  75. New and Improved Convertible?
  76. Looks like 4G is on the way!
  77. Is this the new Camaro?
  78. More 6th gen chops
  79. 2016 Camaro 6th Gen - Car & Driver feature (25 Cars Worth Waiting For)
  80. News about the 2016 Camaro from Car and Driver
  81. gm says FIFTH gen refresh will be at ...
  82. 6th gen Camaro renders
  83. Another what if & possible repost ; )
  84. GM CEO orders 15% diet for new models by 2016
  85. Preview of the Gen-6 SS Engine?
  86. MPG for 6th Gen?
  87. Will The 6TH Gen See 650-700HP
  88. Official 6th gen Camaro FACTS Thread
  89. Gen6 lineup?
  90. My speculation on 6th gen curb weight
  91. Could the 6th Gen get the Caddy 3.6L Twin Turbo V6?
  92. Things I hope GM improves on the Gen 6 Camaro
  93. 2016 Camaro versus 2015 Mustang - on spreadsheets
  94. 50th Anniversary Edition Camaro
  95. How to create a poll?
  96. Design Contest for 6th Gen
  97. The Z28 what could have been....
  98. GM Needs to Step Up the Quality on 6th Gen
  99. L83 5.3L V8 Gen V direction injection engine images
  100. My thoughts on what the 6th Gen Camaro will look like...
  101. My Design Idea for the 2016 Camaro
  102. Any plan for RHD?
  103. 1LE for 2015?
  104. My TF4 BumbleBee Camaro "refresh". Give me your thoughts as a 6th gen?
  105. This time next year.......
  106. Really hoping they keep the "Gills" from the G5
  107. ATS vs 2016 camaro
  108. Is the 6th Gen Design Official yet?
  109. 3rd gen ~ 6th gen
  110. Anyone worried GM will ruin the 6th gen Camaro?
  111. My Design Idea for the 2016 Camaro model
  112. Hope For A Better Looking Engine Bay
  113. Is the new Bumblebee the new 6th gen?
  114. 6th gen and E85
  115. Anyone see this yet?
  116. Potential of a tuned LT1 6th Gen ;)
  117. Time Travel with me to see the 6Th Gen
  118. If the 6th gen does get the LT1...headers work nicely so far.
  119. If a c7 runs 11's stock what should the next camaro run?
  120. Future of Camaros..
  121. Anticipation
  122. Will they put the LT1 engine in the 6th Gen Camaro?
  123. camaro 2016 front view?
  124. Camaro 2016 front view?
  125. Hope the 2016 looks like this
  126. Who wants to Photoshop a 6thgen?
  127. evap purge valve?
  128. Camaro 2016 with LT1 or TTV6 can be tuned without affecting warranty
  129. No 4 cylinder for the 6th Gen Camaro.
  130. Would it be wise of GM to release some info on the 6th gen????
  131. Is this a hint???????
  132. 2014 Camaro.. Why is GM changing a Good thing
  133. Ideas For 6th Gen Camaro
  134. Can You Hear It?
  135. 8 speed auto in Gen6 Camaro?
  136. Is it possible we could see 6th gen in 2014?
  137. New 6th gen Camaro renderings!
  138. Thoughts on improving upon the 5th gen with the 6th gen
  139. Concept 2020 - Camaro or Mustang?
  140. Alpha vs Zeta platforms: Facts request.
  141. Could this be the 6th generation Camaro?
  142. A question that I don't think has been asked.
  143. 2015 ATS Coupe is 3418 lbs
  144. My 6th gen 2016 Camaro Renderings
  145. Interesting Read
  146. A more racer friendly design
  147. 6 gen paint colors
  148. The Official "Medium Blue" 6th Gen Petition
  149. 2020 Camaro Concept 4
  150. 2015 Camaro redesign?
  151. Gen6 Z/28
  152. Thoughts about the 6th gen and beyond
  153. Interesting Find
  154. Aluminum in the Camaro future?
  155. Just a simple rendering of a Gen 5 Camaro after a diet?
  156. Edmunds: 2016 Camaro styling to be evolutionary, not revolutionary
  157. GM needs to listen to the consumers more.
  158. next body?
  159. Just food for thought. This is more than likely NOT the 6th gen Camaro
  160. AWD swap possibility?
  161. OKAY, busted, violation...5th gen forum HI-JACK
  162. 6gen Specs...what I know.
  163. Trans am Edition
  164. 6th gen power plant thoughts.
  165. v6 hp?
  166. 8 speed auto
  167. Possible 2016 Camaro concept?
  168. Poll... Your 2016 Camaro (6th gen) engine choice?
  169. Spy shots?
  170. is there too much anticipation?
  171. 2017/next gen concept pics?
  172. Anyone see this?
  173. 2016 Camaro Imagined by Jeff Byrnes
  174. 6th gen awd camaro. would you buy?
  175. Speculation of weight loss using CTS weight loss
  176. Possible Sketchy Early Pic?
  177. Will 2017 be the end of the Camaro
  178. How much engine bay space does Alpha have?
  179. Im kinda upset they're releasing the 6th gen so soon...
  180. Per Al Oppenheiser 5/24...
  181. My 2016 Camaro 6th Gen Photoshop Renderings
  182. New LGX V6 "confirmed" for 2016 Camaro
  183. These two things scare me...
  184. Another Car to Share Same Alpha Platform? Buick Grand National and GNX for 2017?
  185. Is the gen 6 board going to expand when they come out?
  186. 6th gen rendering
  187. Unconfirmed 6th Gen 2016 Camaro Engine Lineup
  188. interesting article
  189. August 2014 Issue of Automobile Magazine
  190. Motor City Masters might hint design elements of the 6th gen camaro
  191. Is this the face of 6Gen???
  192. Another rendering ...
  193. 6th gen Concept Camaro video leaked?
  194. Camaro to go on CTS Alpha
  195. What if the 2016 Camaro (6th gen) resembled this
  196. AutoMagazine rumors about 6th gen Camaro
  197. Quick questions
  198. new lt1 6.2 in 6th gen?
  199. Potential 6th Gen Problems
  200. I wouldn't mind seeing a 2nd Gen Inspired 2016
  201. 6th gen
  202. 6Gen Available Spring 2016?
  203. 2017 the year of 6th Gen Release....
  204. What if there is a gap between 5 and 6?
  205. 2014 camaro V6 manual shift not smooth
  206. Gen 6 - LT1, AFM and NPP
  207. Why the First Year 6Gen Should Have a V6, SS & 1LE
  208. 2016 ATS-V - Could this be the dimensions of the 6th Gen Camaro?
  209. 50th anniversary
  210. Chevy better be up for the challenge
  211. Larger Camaro?
  212. Do we have a chance to see a "LTZ" Camaro?
  213. First 2016 Chevy Camaro (6th Gen) Prototype Spied!
  214. Gen-6 Camaro SPIED!!
  215. Early Speculative 2016 Camaro Size / Length Measurements
  216. Could this be the spy shots and something borrowed from the C7
  217. 6th Gen Convertible...
  218. Camaro6.com
  219. What changes do you hope to see, or hope not to see, in the 6th generation Camaro?
  220. Transmission and 1LE option will determine if I get a 6th Gen. Camaro.
  221. Why not this?
  222. valet key?
  223. 6th Gen Camaro Pics ?
  224. My 2016 Camaro Front-end Rendering
  225. My 6th Gen Concept (2nd Gen inspired)
  226. Spy Pics: Group of 2016 Camaro Prototypes Spotted Out Testing
  227. Is there an undisguised 6th Gen body in this video?
  228. Motor City Masters
  229. does anyone think GM will ever claim its spot back on top with the 6th gen Camaro?
  230. Current Camaro vs 6th Gen Camaro Prototype Overlay
  231. Motor City Masters: Camaro next gen clay concepts
  232. 2016 Camaros spied running with 5th gen Camaro!
  233. Performance vs. Safety
  234. Alpha Chassis Undercarriage Preview of C6 Camaro...
  235. What new colors do you want for 2016?
  236. "ATS, CTS, New Camaro, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon On Deck For 8L90 Transmisson"
  237. 6th Gen Spy pic?
  238. I would be happy with this!'
  239. Will there be more women that buy a 6th gen compared to a 5th gen?
  240. rendering idea!
  241. How likely are you to buy a 6th gen?
  242. Feed us GM!
  243. Advice appreciated
  244. New spy photo at carscoops (nothing spectacular, though)
  245. Cadillac / Camaro moving to New York ??
  246. 2016 Camaro?
  247. Is there an unveiling date??????
  248. car scoops rendering
  249. More spy shots of camaros and A cadillac
  250. Could GM built Gen 6 and Gen 5 Camaros in the same year?