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  1. Dual Mode Exhaust vs. Custom Exhaust?
  2. Get the exhaust from Chevy or Do custom work?
  3. Dyno comparison of LT1 VS LS7 vs LS3
  4. Offering your car for fitment of new headers?
  5. Shorty or Long Tube Headers for LT1?
  6. what do we know about the LT1
  7. NPP Question
  8. NPP vs performance exhaust?
  9. 2013 Bolt-ons to 2016?
  10. Does this tune only Auto c7 1/4 mile time relate to the g6 A8?
  11. NPP Cut away photos
  12. Gears?
  13. High Flow Cats
  14. Performance air intake
  15. Performance Air Intake SEMA photos
  16. Does the 2016 Camaro have resonators?
  17. Who here is getting aftermarket exhaust work VS what GM offers?
  18. 2015 SEMA 6th Gen Camaro Performance Aftermarket Headers & Aftermarket NPP Exhaust
  19. Rocker Switch for NPP Dual Mode Exhaust (turning on and off)
  20. LT1 Cold Start Up info (if you have issues)
  21. Observation of NPP Exhaust / Crimped Exhaust pipes
  22. Will anyone offer an aftermarket replacement for the NPP exhaust?
  23. Interesting find while logging the first dyno pulls regarding intake...
  24. Why did GM Bend the Air Intake Path?
  25. Sneak peak at Kooks Headers for 2016 Camaro SS
  26. Better access to heads
  27. This makes me excited to get my Camaro!
  28. Procharger's 2016 2SS test car just arrived
  29. Is it just me or is NPP not very loud?
  31. 2016 Camaro SS Dyno baseline
  32. LT1 Power and Torque Capacity
  33. Exhaust?
  34. Looks like no body believed us!!!!
  35. Aftermarket exhaust?
  36. MSD - LT1 AirForce Intake Manifold
  37. Performance exhaust aftermarket?
  38. NPP Drone at 900 rpm - SS with A8
  39. Just got mine!
  40. Goodbye GEN5, Hello GEN6
  41. Exhaust mode question
  42. Gibson Catback R&D video.
  43. Question Engine Compartment!! The Ugly Thing??
  44. $895 for dual-mode performance exhaust.....is it worth it????
  45. Kooks Headers for the 6th Gen | JDP Motorsports
  46. NPP Exhaust and Looking for a Deeper Rumble....
  47. Anyone notice the factory catch can and drain?
  48. Cunningham Motorsports has a new 6th gen!
  49. Stock vs heads/cam and n2o .
  51. Removing NPP fuse
  52. Modding without voiding warranty?
  53. LT1 as strong as the LS3
  54. Mishimoto Camaro SS Performance Intake Development
  55. First e85 6th gen Camaro!!
  56. Vitesse Motorsports Throttle Controller
  57. Muffler delete question
  58. premium gas
  60. Review: 2016 Camaro SS Vitesse Motorsports Throttle Controller
  61. Borla Has Their 2016 Camaro in R&D (Finally)
  62. VMax Ported LT1 Throttle Bodies - 16 SS Camaro | WITH DYNO | JDP Motorsports
  63. Stainless Works headers and exhaust R&D Video
  65. Ordered today and already thinking Mods
  66. Revving A8
  67. Waking the Monster
  68. Where are all the parts?
  69. 16 1ss LT1, what brand headers and why ?
  70. Full wireless control of NPP valves.
  71. NPP Valves
  72. Air intake build
  73. NON-NPP SS Exhuast Question
  74. BORLA® Exhaust for the 2016 Camaro
  75. Think I'll get a catch can after seeing my intake
  76. CAI options
  77. NPP exhaust question....
  78. SoCal Porting - Ported Throttle Body and Intake Manifold Sneak Peek
  79. Sabaruwrxfan stainless works tour video
  80. the LT1 camaro header if similar to the Z/28 header
  81. Trinity programer
  82. Bo White Porting- Throttle Body
  83. Universal Catch Can Install
  84. Headers
  85. LT1 CNC heads and hot cam
  86. Making torque?
  87. JDP Motorsports - MSD Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold Dyno Testing
  89. Camming the SS
  90. Wanna hear how they sound with headers/exhaust/cam?
  91. *Sneak peak* LG Motorsports 2016 Camaro SS Exhaust
  92. 2016 Camaro - Is NPP Worth It? (Discussion)
  93. Dyno'd my SS today, bone stock and then with a Bo White TB
  94. Performance air intake release dates???
  95. Are your oil pressure readings at WOT like this?
  96. Cold Air Inductions Inc's Hyper Blue Met. 16' Camaro 2ss! Intake teaser pic inside!
  97. Eliminating the Eyesore. Mishimoto 2016 Camaro Expansion Tank R&D
  98. Watch "1le cammed" on YouTube
  99. Performance exhaust
  100. Flowmaster Super 44 Series Replacement Mufflers for 16-18 Camaro w/ V6 and V8 Engines
  101. Flowmaster American Thunder Axle-back Exhaust System for the 2016 Camaro SS
  102. Cold Air Intakes Discussion
  103. LMR 2016 Camaro SS LT1 160 Degree Thermostat with Billet Housing
  104. Who here has read the new Grand Sport has different injectors?
  105. C.A.I intake pre-orders
  106. Review Part #2: 2016 Camaro SS Vitesse Motorsports Throttle Controller
  107. Cold Air Inductions Intake 2016 Camaro SS | NOW AVAILABLE | JDP Motorsports
  108. Headers intake hp?
  109. Header install difficulty?
  110. Phastek Performance CAI
  111. GM CAI will not have a tune?
  112. IM Intake Manifold Heatshield
  113. Roto-Fab CAI for 2016 Camaro SS Sneak Peak!
  114. Kooks Headers w/ green cats
  115. summit 170 stat
  116. front cat delete
  117. Valves?
  118. Mishimoto SS Primary Radiator R&D
  119. MSD intake manifold data (stock engine)
  120. New Borla exhaust coming soon
  121. 2016 Camaro Hooker Blackheart Cat-Back Exhaust?
  122. Hooker Blackheart Exhaust R&D
  123. Are 02 simulators needed for a cat delete?
  124. Ordered My Cold Air Intake
  125. Can't even order a CAI
  126. Best (cheapest) place to order parts
  127. Corsa Exhaust YouTube video
  128. Stock 1SS non NPP M6 Dyno
  129. What mods support a higher redline? say 7500 rpm
  130. Magnaflow Exhaust Part Numbers
  131. LT1 Swap?
  132. Non NPP Exhaust > Quad tips aftermarket
  133. Mishimoto Camaro SS Exhaust R&D
  134. Aftermarket npp idea
  136. Can NPP mufflers be installed after purchase
  137. Bolt on, no tune upgrade question...
  138. Crushed exhaust
  139. CAI cai
  140. Best cat-back exhaust for $600 and under
  141. Aftermarket exhaust for non NPP with adjustments?
  142. Oil change
  143. NPP A8 and redline shift sound
  144. Performance Air Intake by GM for 2016 Camaro
  145. MSD intake dyno results
  146. AEM X-Series WB and HP Tuners
  147. Track mode vs fuse pull
  148. 1SS non NPP Muffler Delete
  149. Magnaflow Competition Exhaust
  150. VVT Delete?
  151. BHP vs Net HP what does the LT1 produce?
  152. Hooker makes NPP-compatible exhaust
  153. Removing crimped tubing from NPP exhaust.
  154. MSD-Cam-Exhaust or just plain Super Charge it?
  155. MSD Atomic AirForce for the Camaro (dyno)
  156. Flowmaster or Borla ?
  157. 6th gen true dual exhaust?
  158. Anyone use a dump pipe?
  159. Hurst Elite Series Axle-back Exhaust System for the 2016 Camaro SS
  160. Running w/o engine cover:photo
  161. I'm thinking Snow Meth Injection next
  162. Anyone doing H-Pipe?
  164. heads cam
  165. wheres the cammed camaros6 at!!
  166. Pure Gas vs 10%+ Ethanol
  167. NPP Exhaust in a box for Corvette.
  168. RPI Designs 2016 Chevy Camaro SS ARH Stainless Long Tube Headers 1-7/8" (Long System)
  169. RPI 2016 Chevy Camaro SS ARH Stainless Long Tube Headers 1-7/8" (Intermediate system)
  170. RPI Designs 2016 Camaro SS Stainless Works Catback w/AFM Valves / Valved Quad tips
  171. RPI Designs 2016 Camaro SS Stainless Works Exhaust Catback with Dual Tips
  172. RPI Designs 2016 Camaro SS Stainless Works Exhaust Catback w/AFM Valves and Dual Tips
  173. RPI Designs 2016 Camaro SS Stainless Works Headers 2" Primaries Catted No Valves
  174. Replacement hose for MSD intake
  175. So.. Who considering an LS3 or an LS7 Swap
  176. Cat Delete....
  177. LT1 valve cover options/ availability?
  178. Recommendation for O2 simulators?
  179. 6th gen Camaro Cold air intake
  180. Question for exhaust manufacturers
  181. sct tune
  182. 2016 Camaro SS Exhaust
  183. E85 / Virtual Sensor
  184. Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback with 2nd cat removed?
  185. Full bolt on Dyno!
  186. Air silencer
  187. Mishimoto's Oil Cooler R&D Thread
  188. CAI Cold Air Intake...Special
  189. Ported intake
  190. Don't have Npp exhaust but have electronic baffle?
  191. Man seeking more RPMs
  192. Dyno Results Stock 1SS 6spd,NPP Mustang Dyno
  193. AFM and aftermarket exhaust
  194. Secondary Cat Delete
  195. Under drive crank pulley?
  196. Installed the stainless cat delete pipes
  197. Intake port polish.
  198. NPP aftermarket options
  199. Why is a catch-can so expensive? Any DIY'ers?
  200. Waiting on Magnaflow
  201. Cold air intake Question
  202. Any word on Chevy Performance CAI?
  203. Mishimoto’s Auxiliary Radiator R&D Thread
  204. Why can't exhaust companies spend some cash on a real mic
  205. New to the group
  206. Performance Exhaust Price increase?
  207. gm performance exhaust
  208. SS Npp Start up questions
  209. Mishimoto ‘16+ SS Thermostat Housing R&D
  210. Forza Exhaust Controller for Gen6 Camaro
  211. Engine Strut Brace removal
  212. New here, question about exhaust modifications
  213. Burning fuel (surely not oil). Does your car run rich too?
  214. NPP Question
  215. Exhaust Help
  216. Any before and after track times on any of these mods?
  217. deleted secondary cats, now engine light is on?
  218. Burned thru oil before first oil change?
  219. Changing from dual-tip exhaust to quad-tip
  220. SS M6 3.73 vs 4.11 Gains?
  221. Corsa Performance exhaust
  222. Boltons and tune?
  223. Stock vs CAI MAF #s
  224. Any videos with secondary cats removed with NPP?
  225. Lets discuss drop in high flow air filters
  226. Full bolt on
  227. Magnaflow Cat-Back Teaser
  228. 2016 Camaro MagnaFlow Exhaust Soundclip
  229. Mightymouse Solutions catch can now available!
  230. Power left on the table
  231. Email tunes?
  232. CAI, MSD Manifold, and tune Dyno!
  233. Exhaust
  234. Cold Air Intake Back Pressure or Turbo Dump Valve?
  235. Who's running the outlaw axle back? thoughts?
  236. Anyone running e85 tune?
  237. Noob question
  238. Sneak Peak at something I'm building
  239. Npp location
  240. Second cat delete
  241. Air raid
  242. Npp vs non
  243. Light weight aluminum exhaust
  244. Cat delete sound clip
  245. Catch Can or Not??
  246. Throttle response in track mode vs sport mode
  247. Anyone installed this yet?
  248. ARH full exhaust system with H-pipe soundclip?
  249. GM intake price
  250. Custom axle back