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  1. DTC code P0461 on my new car
  2. A couple of issues
  3. First Issue
  4. Always-On Climate Controls?
  5. Something is seriously wrong with my car.
  6. Gas Cap No Locking?
  7. Two issues, one fixed.
  8. Summit white side mirrors don't match very well
  9. Already another issue
  10. Wireless charging issue?
  11. Key FOB Start wont work
  12. Please delete....double post
  13. Door / Front fender alignment issue.
  14. Trunk Floorboard is Pretty Thin Near the Back
  15. Minor tint bubbling
  16. 1500 Miles and the Transmission Went ...
  17. Shift boot bezel(?)
  18. TechLink site--anyone read this?
  19. NPP passenger valve rattle when closed?
  20. Gauge Cluster stopped working
  21. Instrument panel suddenly stopped working
  22. How to disable the "automatic headlamp system"?
  23. Here we go again
  24. Paint Issues
  25. delete
  26. Climate Control Display Gone?
  27. Anyone elses seatbelt get jammed between the door arm rest and the seat?
  28. Car received software update from dealer
  29. Audio Won't turn on
  30. Bad paint problem
  31. Cruse Control does't cancel when shifting
  32. Guages flickering, showing service warnings.
  33. Steering Concerns
  34. Paint issues, clear coat / haze problems and rough patches (Update 4/8/16)
  35. Check Engine Light On
  36. Trasnmission Stutter/Shake 1100-1500 RPM?
  37. Leaking Coolant
  38. Low speed clutch rattle
  39. Fuel spilling out whe refueling
  40. Faulty tires
  41. Clinking noise has surfaced.
  42. Garage Door Opener - Short Range?
  43. double click sunroof buttton
  44. Accerating without pushing pedal
  45. Headliner not mounting correctly
  46. seat memory/voice activation/wireless charger
  47. Frustration is building
  48. If key fob dies, how do you enter and start?
  49. Heated Seats
  50. Color changing lighting question
  51. Ipod works once in a while, am I doing something wrong?
  52. XM not honoring 1 year free subscription?
  53. Skip shift everytime! -.-
  54. Paint prob? Whats your VIN?
  55. Dash trim not seated? Glove box opens?
  56. Parking brake not releasing and no hill assist
  57. Driving Mode Under Settings Page Radomly Disappears
  58. 11 mpg average?
  59. Hyper Blue bumpers and body color mismatch
  60. I'm so pissed
  61. Took her in today for a door issue
  62. Stitching on steering wheel loose after less than 2 weeks of ownership
  63. This hood alignment is driving me crazy!
  64. Air conditioner
  65. Already in for repairs =(
  66. 2016 2SS - Mysterious Rattle has Appeared
  67. Anyone else with a M6 having this issue
  68. cant get car past 85
  69. Reliability of transmission - A8 vs M6
  70. P0463 Fuel level sensor high .. OBD Fault How to fix
  71. Headliner Peeling back
  72. TAKE PICTURES as soon as you get your new Gen 6
  73. Two dimples on rear of car from factory
  74. High RPM when coasting downhill?
  76. Sunroof rattle found...anyone else with this?
  77. Power steering went out... less than a month of ownership
  78. Hud out of focus
  79. NPP Chirp and FR tire SQUEEK
  80. dash and door fit.
  81. Manual Transmission missing 2nd gear
  82. Running water sound coming from dash
  83. Check engine light
  84. 2SS A8 - Low RPM rattle from engine/transmission when accelerating
  85. I f'ed up
  86. had the car 3 weeks and already have to replace tire. UGHH
  87. 2SS Possible Electrical Issue
  88. Transmissiom m6 rattle
  89. Door problem... and splash guards
  90. hand brake issue?
  91. Yet again another problem
  92. Heat/Temp Display Issues
  93. Extended warranty
  94. Rear decklid rattle.
  95. Power Steering out ugh
  96. Failed Oil Pump
  97. Rear End Fluid Service Notice
  98. lemon
  99. Paint problem
  100. Service Brake Assist warning
  101. New Car Left Halo not working
  102. Cruise Control No longer working.
  103. Software update?
  104. GM Buyback Question
  105. Hood fitment
  106. Another Mosaic Black paint job with defects (Updated last page March 1st 2016)
  107. Bad paint covering
  108. What colors so far have paint issues?
  109. Brand new 2016 Camaro 1LT push button start issue
  110. My issues with my SS
  111. Hood alignment
  112. GM survey in my e-mail
  113. Mosaic Black Metallic????
  114. Frustrated....
  115. CEL, scanned and figured out without dealer intervention!!! Cooling fan issue
  116. Steering pull in both directions
  117. People that have had issues - when was your car made?
  118. CEL light
  119. DISABLE AFM!!!?
  120. Air leak/Wind Noise at sunroof corner
  121. HUD Display Info
  122. Red Hot Paint Issues?
  123. Engine overheated!!
  124. Interior lighting color change bug
  125. Not off to a great start
  126. Got my car back...but now strange noise
  127. Dash rattles....
  128. Auto HVAC cycling from hot to cold and back
  129. Engine rattle / ticking
  130. MBM Update
  131. TSB'S
  132. Reduced engine power
  133. transmission
  134. Camaro / Stingray
  135. Roof flex
  136. 2016 Camaro Recall - seatbelt warning
  137. Wire Harness Recall Heads Up
  138. Names of dealers that wont fix our cars.
  139. Transmission fluid leak
  140. Paint Issues
  141. Just a quick note/thank you to those following our story
  142. thump/knock sound going over moderate bumps
  143. GM quality
  144. Sirius Radio XM Complaints
  145. NPP squeaking noise
  146. 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Recall
  147. This is bull****
  148. Loud sounds coming from rear end
  149. In For Repairs
  150. Loose Coolant Cap?
  151. Loss of infotament system/audio/back up camera
  152. RPM blip when cruise control is cancelled
  153. Trunk issues?
  154. Strange noise
  155. Love the car, but hands down least reliable car I've ever owned
  156. Rear speaker area Rattles! (now one around the HUD)
  157. Did the initial Gen5 Camaro have this many issues?
  158. Transmission line to rear diff cooler leaking.
  159. Need help identifying a part...
  160. Two major issues, hoping for some feedback
  161. Do you have the NPP rattle?
  162. Minor Paint Issue on Laser Weld (Roof)
  163. Evaporation leak
  164. Delay when accelerating
  165. Memory seats & mirrors
  166. When will it be "safe" to get a new Camaro
  167. Many minor issues with my Camaro. Compensation??
  168. Going to try and get GM to buy the car back
  169. Vibration noise coming from steering column area
  170. Bad Battery
  171. Small but annoying rattle on the door
  172. How loud are your lifters?
  173. anyone had this problem yet?
  174. Seat reclining issues.
  175. TSBs for 2016 Camaro
  176. Driving mode dissappears?
  177. Plastic piece sticking out
  178. Figured Out Source of Rattle - Now How to Fix It?
  179. Weird vibrating noise?
  180. Clear-protector on lower panels bubbling
  181. LPO interior spectrum dark night ambient lighting
  182. Extended warranty - cancel or keep?
  183. Park to Drive - Delay and Forceful Movement
  184. AC hot on start?
  185. Car pulling to the left and right? Help?
  186. Roar from passenger rear end when cornering
  187. Parking brake behavior
  188. Driver side speaker issue?
  189. Reduced Engine Power?
  190. A/C Duel Climate Control
  191. Heads up. My seat controls are shorting out. Causing random seat adjustments at 80mph
  192. Check your trunk lid alignment!
  193. Is GM Addressing Your Issues?
  194. Is ticking noise normal on ss during low rpm?
  195. dealer called today...aware of a computer issue
  196. Anybody else get a check engine light in the first 2 mile?
  197. RPM surging at 62-67 mph
  198. Ticking and knocking engine. I don't know what to do.
  199. USB Connections not working AND a ringing in my dash.
  200. Buyers BEWARE!!!
  201. Water leak in trunk area
  202. Electronic problem first day car arrived!
  203. sooo sad
  204. Whistling coming out of HVAC at 70+?
  205. Car doesn't down-shift if braking fast
  206. Oil pressure gauge maxes out 4700RPM and up
  207. Uncomfortable driver seat???
  208. Bulletin 30990 (Oil Pickup tube bolt retention)
  209. Rev/engine problem?
  210. HVAC issues?
  211. Torque spec sheet
  212. Key Fob doesn't work in a certain parking lot
  213. what have been the 2016 defects?
  214. Marks on plastic by AC rings
  215. Does your roof shake?
  216. Side View Mirror Switch Not Working
  217. Carbon Buildup in the LT1 - Direct Injection
  218. Paint issue?
  219. Noise from engine when off?
  220. Driver side door alignment off - rubbing issues + paint issues.
  221. Fan speed
  222. Major A8 Transmission Issue!
  223. MRC jump
  224. AC has stopped working completely!!!
  225. how are your ventilated seats?
  226. Mylink gone wild!
  227. Just Venting
  228. Is this normal for Bluetooth?
  229. Fed up....
  230. Squeak or Creak?
  231. Door trim panels popping out
  232. Low RPM belt squeak / chirp ?
  233. Chevy Cust. Serv. reply re: Reclining Seat
  234. Mylink issue
  235. Squeaking noise while turning
  236. Wind noise on passenger side
  237. View Instrument Panel while engine is off
  238. gaps above instrument cluster??
  239. Just got SS today, problems already
  240. Door alignment issues???
  241. clutch issues
  242. Engine/Transmission Issues - A8
  243. How long did it take for them to fix your oil pan?
  244. Anybody else with an A8 notice slight gear whine on decel?
  245. Peeling on interior door panel
  246. Rattles! AAARRRGG
  247. Finally got my A/C fixed.
  248. Nav system malfunction
  249. Oil temp
  250. Hesitations in steering returns off the curves