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  1. Ahhh yeah. Our own Subforum. So... (Autox)
  2. Already have my build planned, you?
  3. Anyone gotten a legit alignment yet?
  4. Still on the fence, MRC or not?
  5. Autocross Wheels and Suspension Set Up
  6. Car Corrals at IMSA
  7. numbers
  8. Preparing SS for track day
  9. Brake pads?
  10. The Numbers are in... (First Auto cross day)w/Video
  11. a8?
  12. **WEIGHTS of PARTS**
  13. Weight Distribution?
  14. Tracking your camaro
  15. Track days?
  16. Tracking the A8
  17. Track Day Warranty
  18. Tips and Tricks Thread
  19. First track day with my A8
  20. Adding Ground Effects SCCA Class?
  21. 2SS with A8 - Autocross / Track Settings?
  22. headroom an issue with helmet?
  23. 19" tire question for Track/AutoX junkies
  24. My 1st track day with Camaro6
  25. Traction Control vs Stability vs Competition
  26. Do the AutoX cones damage your car?
  27. How accurate is built in TPMS?
  28. 6th Gen Camaro SS OWNING the podiums in 2016 | JDP Motorsports
  29. Must have tools and parts for the New Track Rat
  30. First National SCCA Solo results for 2016 Camaro
  31. Re track day prep, manual says...
  32. Road America - HPDE - 2016 2SS
  33. Engine Oil for the track
  34. Anyone in NorCal?
  35. Autocross with A8. What mode combo.?
  36. Sonoma review
  37. Novice FS Solo Review
  38. 5Gen 1LE v 6Gen SS Laguna Seca
  39. Roll bar in a daily driver
  40. Safe weekend at the track everybody
  41. Track day with Camaro6 - round 2
  42. Laguna Seca (thoughts, video, photos)
  43. Need some wheel and tire help/suggestions for AutoX.
  44. Cracked brake caliper piston
  45. Showtime Motorsports/JDP Motorsport USCA Battle Vegas 2016
  46. NCM Road Course (Sign-Up) for LS FEST (8-Sept 2016)
  47. Track Day!
  48. BRR-SCCA @Danville Airport
  49. Hooves' Track Learning Curve
  50. SCCA standings?
  51. brack pads
  52. Track day @ TWS
  53. Would anyone track day in ohio?
  54. Stock Tires: PSI for autox vs Track day
  55. SCCA Auto-x Houston July 10
  56. Link to my brake job
  57. 2016 Camaro wins SCCA Championship Tour in Packwood
  58. NYST Track Day
  59. Insurance for Trackdays??
  60. First weekwend of AutoX in the 6th gen!
  61. SCCA Solo Mohud Region July 2016
  62. Racing Harness that plugs in
  63. Do the brake cooling 'ducts' work?
  64. Bone Stock Day at HPR
  65. Finally able to hit the track in the Camaro
  66. First SS Track Day @ Buttonwillow (pic, complete break failure)
  67. Getting the Camaro tomorrow but it's Automatic Transmission
  68. Track Day Report: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  69. SCCA San Diego Qualcomm 8/7/16
  70. stainless steel brake lines and fluid?
  71. Scca Solo in St louis
  72. Ryan Otis Currently in 1st place at the 2016 Tire Rack ProSolo Finale
  73. Tire Rack Solo Nationals
  74. Did you change your tire/wheel setup for the track/AX?
  75. Track day with Camaro6 - Round 5
  76. The New Benchmark: goodbye M4
  77. Set a personal best, as well as what I was told was a track record for any Camaro
  78. Autocross Alignment Help
  79. FS: 2010-2015 Camaro Drivers Side Sparco Seat Mount
  80. FS: The Bracketeer Fire Extinguisher Mount
  81. My thoughts about Competitive Mode
  82. Midwestern Council Members?
  83. Brey Krause 6th gen camaro parts
  84. Anyone going to Waterford Hills OTD Sept. 25th?
  85. SCCA autocross F-Street Legal parts/build
  86. Thunder hill (Oct 14) : Laguna Seca (Nov 6 - 92db)
  87. Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea
  88. Wedge Engineering seat brackets
  89. 2016 SS Road Race Project
  90. I just want to make sure this keeps me in FS
  91. Harness bar setup
  92. Dealer installed 6 piston front owners check in
  93. Carbotech compound review/update
  94. Going to the track! Need advice.
  95. Roto-fab at the track.
  97. 2.0t autocross info?
  98. A8 Track specific oil level? / Track prep
  100. Lightweight Race Seats?
  101. Track day in my SS Sedan last weekend (with videos)
  102. Best camera mounting spots?
  103. A few vids on track
  104. Stock tires for trackday???
  105. A8 settings for trackday
  106. Camaro 2.0T SCCA D-Street Autocross Thread
  107. South Texas NASA Event
  108. SCCA Autox Claases for 2017 1LE's
  109. "Competition mode" in Auto-x or not?
  110. Anyone want to see Gen6 Seat Mounts/ Base Brackets? (Cobra Seat Retrofit)
  111. Upcoming Decision Tires/Wheels
  112. Trackday oil temps for SS
  113. A8 transmission track prep instructions
  114. Autocross/drag racing/other events in SE Wisconsin
  115. Tracks around Nashville area
  116. Tracks around Nashville area
  117. I Want To Learn To Drive On A Track, What's Your Advice?
  118. 2017 SS 1LE for Cam Class
  119. Driving around the race track at Summit Point
  120. street and race pad on same rotor
  121. Daytona
  122. Midwest Open Track Events (Road America/Autobahn/Blackhawk/Gingerman)
  123. Sign up Now for Track weekend/HPDE at Summit Point
  124. HANS device for 3 point belt
  125. Thunderhill Raceway Park - 4 February 2017
  126. Who is doing Track/HPDE days with a Centrifugal blower?
  127. Track prep
  128. Any experience with G-Loc brake pads?
  129. SCCA Solo event (Video)
  130. PDR advice for Track
  131. Global Time Attack - Streets of Willow
  132. Airbag bypass kit?
  133. Looks like 2017 ZL1 might be in SCCA A Street
  134. 2016 Camaro FS Class tire setup
  135. My first Auto X competition 3/4 @ ZMAX
  136. Interesting article: learn how to race in a slow car, not a fast one
  137. Chuckwalla track day in the rain (video)
  138. Helmets vs Short Windows
  139. Track Night in America
  140. San Diego Match Tour/Cam Challenge
  141. Autox 3/4/17
  142. ZL1 at Thunderhill Raceway yesterday
  143. I found a great in car GoPro mount for us track rats
  144. Thunderhill CCW 3-mile W/Cyclone PB
  145. Global Time Attack - Buttonwillow CW13 15 April 2017
  146. Blackdog Speed Shop Kicks off Camaro GT4.R Era at St. Petersburg
  147. Winding Road Racing !!!
  148. GM sponsored track events ?
  149. Track alignment at pickup?
  150. V6 1LE... anyone?
  151. My Car Mentioned in Moto IQ Article :-D
  152. Rear Tow Hook
  153. Track day engine oil on sale!
  154. How much spare oil for track event
  155. Helmet opinions?
  156. Need some advice
  157. Speedsf Challenge/Thunderhill West
  158. Stay away from Autocrossnumbers.com
  159. Driving Shoes for Wide Feet
  160. I drove the Nurburgring last week (Video)
  161. Lets Talk Brake Pads..........
  162. Power Stop Track Pad Review
  163. Some terrible driving caught on camera
  164. Evolution Motorsports Performance Driving School Phase 1
  165. ZL1 at Buttonwillow CW #13
  166. Mixing track pads/street pads on same rotors
  167. Track Day - GrandSport Speedway - 4/9
  168. DOT4 Brake fluid change for track use
  169. DFW - Race tracks
  170. Motorsports Ranch Cresson 1.7 CCW
  171. Chasing GT350 in Camaro SS
  172. Phoenix SCCA Solo run, 4/15/17 (Video)
  173. 1st autoX in a Camaro
  174. How NOT to drive at a Track Day
  175. Track night in America Highlights
  176. SS w/ Mag Ride on track?
  177. What oil temp are you seeing at the track?
  178. Even with rock guards use blue tape!
  179. Questions on preparing a zl1 for track day
  180. Xpost: Latest AutoX highlights in my 1LE
  181. Arizona Motorsports Park HPDE session (video)
  182. UMS Tuning Time Attack (Video)
  183. 3 AutoX & HPDE brake questions... Whose got the answers?
  184. Gen6 Camaro SS takes down GT350R
  185. First autocross in 1LE
  186. OEM tires vs Trofeo Rs vs NT01s - Track Review for SS 1LE
  187. Is it the end of my stock tires?
  188. Newbie Track Questions
  189. Autox & track events for beginners
  190. Track Day Spin Out (Video) - Thompson Speedway
  191. Anyone using z/28 wheels for track?
  192. TURNY!!!! Thunderhill WEST 2 mile ZL1
  193. Global Time Attack - Big Willow - June 3, 2017
  194. BMWCCA Track Day Highlights
  195. Re-Torque
  196. Thunderhill 3 Mile
  197. Anyone going to Auto Club Speedway for the NASA event 5/20-21
  198. 2017 ZL1 on a Road Course?
  199. SA2015 helmet recommendations
  200. A good article about the Car Control, Slip Angles and Tire Compounds
  201. New G-Tech Pro RR & Pro SS at RDP Store
  202. New SCCA President drives a SS 1LE
  204. 1LE at Sonoma Raceway (PDR Video)
  205. Getting Track Alignment this Week: HP Sup or Other?
  206. Oil Life % before track?
  207. Harrys Lap Timer or other PDR software
  208. Post those videos!
  209. Black Flagged for being a slow poke
  210. Auto Club Speedway track day (now with 100% more 911 and Ferrari)
  211. Officially Old and Slow
  212. first track day in few weeks at fontana aaa speedway
  213. Who is headed to SCCA Spring Nationals?
  214. Anyone try an AIM Solo DL in our car??
  215. Wear & tear feedback *daily drivers & track rats
  216. SCCA spring autocross nationals video
  217. Track Prep Cost @ Dealer?
  218. Roebling Road PCA event this weekend
  219. PCA @ NOLA Motorsports Park
  220. A8 Track Inspection?
  221. Anyone try PowerStop TrackDay Pads?
  222. I Have Found The Secret Sauce! (track pads)
  223. Video of my 1LE at yesterday's track event (with GTR, GT4, Lambo, Corvette ..etc)
  224. A8 - Performance Shift Activation - is there a way to engage it manually?
  225. Special Brake Pads Prices for Camaro Owners
  227. Auto Meter Dashlink
  228. Amazing 1le
  229. Your opinion please on this square setup
  230. How often do you bleed your brakes
  231. PCA NOLA Motorsports Park
  232. some photos at laguna/thunderhill
  233. How Do I Find Events?? In Cali
  234. Track Downforce??
  235. Heal and Toe Down Shifting in a ZL1
  236. Track pit surface. jack and jackstand safety?
  237. Post your on track pics!
  238. ZL1 1LE- When can we get ahold of those DSSV's?
  239. Snell Helmets and Safety Equip
  240. Eagles Canyon Raceway July 15th
  241. SCCA FS rules help
  242. The GT4 in action
  243. AutoX numbers and classes. Need advice
  244. SCDA Car Control Clinic - Great Class!
  245. Anyone autox a convertible?
  246. Does anyone know what the SS runs the RING in?
  247. Track Day Check List
  248. Video: For The 1st Gen Lovers: Pikes Peak 1000HP Camaro
  249. HRE Wheels at Pike's Peak International Hill Climb 2017!
  250. Gen 6 1LE vs GT350R head to head lap time