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  1. new forum area for diagnostic and tuning
  2. ill start, here is my tune
  3. where do I start?
  4. Looking for tune: CAI and Muffler delete
  5. Will GM offer any kind of tune?
  6. Good tune shop/Dyno near Hagerstown, MD.
  7. Diablosport Trinity...Looks interesting
  8. Where in Arizona can I get a tune??
  9. 6l80e stall tune
  10. Spare ECM?
  11. Any word of a tuner coming out soon??
  12. Borla Exhaust (axle-back)
  13. L99 Auto Trans Tune and Traction Control
  14. Looking for tuner in Philly or South Jersey area...
  15. Tuners in Virginia
  16. 100% stock retuned for e85
  17. Bay Area Tune
  18. Who else is bouncing off the fuel cut-off?
  19. HP Tuner
  20. Chicagoland tuner - Straightline Performace
  21. Suggested mounting point for AEM UEGO sensor on ARH headers and exhaust
  22. Anyone with a tune have warranty work yet?
  23. Questions on Performance Tuning...
  24. Need a base Magna Charger Tune File
  25. Just a thought.
  26. 160 Thermostat
  27. Anyone installed stainless works headers yet?
  28. Denver Tuning?
  29. Questions about exhaust system
  30. Corsa or Borla?.....ARH or Kook LT?
  31. hptuners config file?
  32. OEM systems/tune compensates for bolt-ons?
  33. Tuners
  34. Technical question for the tuners out there
  35. Dyno Tune
  36. Jet performance chips?
  37. Tuners in Maryland
  38. Hyperpach
  39. Dyno Setup Numbers - HP @ 50 MPH etc?
  40. Long Island NY Tuner
  41. After HP tuners tune.....
  42. Livernois Remote Tuning
  43. ARH system
  44. diablo tuners for l99
  45. Livernois Motorsports X-Treme Cal Flash Device for GM Vehicles
  47. Part number or calibration curve for stock MAF on V8?
  48. 2010 Camaro Dyno Photos - Tune Development
  49. my tune with updated segment swap
  50. Anyone try this out yet?
  51. performance shops
  52. New flash tuner - ?old to 'Stang - new to 'Maro?
  53. Hypertech Programmer for 2010 Camaro L99 Automatic - In Beta
  54. GM High Tech Performance Magazine's L99 Tune - +81 ft lbs at 3500 rpms!
  55. How much can I do before I need to tune?
  56. az tuners
  57. Looking for a Tuner near Jackson, Ms
  58. Vector Motorsports PowerFlash Tune & Roto-Fab CAI Videos
  59. Diablosport Predator and Trinity Programmers Available!
  60. Thinking about a DashDAQ
  61. Whats the deal with Diablo Sport and HP Tuners????
  62. Low end lag ?
  63. Reprogramming without a dyno
  64. Should my L99 be showing more RWHP?
  65. Upstate New York Tuners
  66. Who gives free (or discounted) future tunes in Southeast?
  67. Predator
  68. Need Tuners in Southern California
  69. Best way to Dyno before and after a tune?
  70. Diablosport 7194 for Camaro now available
  71. DO NOT give specific order/vin info on the site if getting a tune!
  72. I HAVE...
  73. Tuning for dummies
  74. Base Magnacharger Tune File
  75. maf tune/no open loop nice flat 12.5 fuel trim
  76. Looking for a Quality Tune in IL
  77. best way to run two tunes....
  78. EFILive vs HP Tuners....let's get ready to rumble
  79. Diablo Trinity
  80. Reputable tuner in NW AR?
  81. Yank 3600 installed. News at 11:00.
  82. Diablo Programmers Ready To Ship From Phastek Performance!!
  83. Virtual VE tuning
  84. Car N00b with some questions...
  85. My MTI RACING favorite upgrade's
  86. Stock Tune Anyone?
  87. anyone tunes in columbia SC
  88. silly question on Abs Throttle Position...
  89. Bazaar!
  91. ECU Flash Counter?
  92. ECS Stock L99 gets a tune....(Video inside)
  93. Cost of a Tune?
  94. Looking for a Quality Tune in In
  95. carbon fiber driveshaft
  96. GTech Pro SS
  97. Tuning
  98. Tuning Software
  99. Engine Reduced Power- After Cam Install
  100. can a diablosport predator disable afm on the l99?
  101. re-programming
  102. Article on ecu cracking
  103. SCT .vs. HP Tuners .vs. Diablo .vs. EFI Live??
  104. Went to dyno yesterday
  105. Undetectable Tunes ????
  106. Going to get my CAI and Tune Friday at Breathless in Fort Lauderdale cant wait!
  107. Rough Engine Start After Tune?
  108. Undetectable Tuning?
  110. Soooo Custom V. Handheld!
  111. gm tech 2 with 2010 camaro
  112. Camaro is going to Hennessy Performance for CAI and Peak Performance Tune?
  113. A6 tuning
  114. got my spare ECM flashed
  115. Pulleys for my L99
  116. Am I understanding the reason for tuning?
  117. AFM.. does it or doesn't it?
  118. Looking for Tuning in Tucson
  119. Link to AeroForce Interceptor Gauge Install
  121. Check Engine Light
  122. Perfomance chip...is this for real?
  123. Loud noise/grinding from rear end
  124. Took my Stock LS3 to Hennessey for CAI and Tune- Big Difference!!!
  125. Superchips Camaro Release
  126. What is the Main difference between TPI and TBI?
  127. SES: Running Lean?
  128. Superchips checking in
  129. Tuning ? on a6 ss
  130. Circle D - The Formal Introduction
  131. How about a MAF translater
  132. Livernois X-Treme Cal Tune
  133. Auto Formulas and Calculators ***These formula's will only give you estimates***
  134. Tuners
  135. Having problem with tune
  136. Tweaking mushy accelerator
  137. SCT Tuner For the V6
  138. Tune + Warranty concerns
  139. How much to DYNO tune your car???
  140. HP tuners problems
  141. GMPP should sell tunes.
  142. Superchips 2885 recieved today...
  143. Help with Check Engine Light after tune
  144. Precision Vs Tial
  145. HPTuners Stock and Modified
  146. Yank Converters
  147. Swapping ECM's might not work anymore
  148. changing injectors, how does my dash display calculate fuel economy
  149. DASHDAQ
  151. new hptuners custom O/S
  152. Anybody know what updates for ECM and Tranny on L99?
  153. Any tuners in KY out there?
  154. Where is the port to plug in a diablo turner
  155. REV iPhone OBD-II App
  156. Tuner
  157. Before and after dyno numbers with just a tune at EPP
  158. HPTuners - Shifts (A6) question
  159. Diablo Sport II
  160. Where to get PCM and BCM
  161. Looking for quality Tuner Knoxville, Tn or Atlanta Area
  162. Tuning shops in Inland Empire?
  163. How much $$$ are you guy's paying for a Tune?
  164. Shift light pattern 1st to 4th
  165. Tunin northwest NJ
  166. Diablosports tune
  167. Predator
  168. IPhone Guage Alternative for Camaro SS
  169. Any real data
  170. SLP Diablo Tuner For V6
  171. Diablo Custom Tune What you need to do to get one
  172. Diablo Tuner for v6
  173. Aggravating Diablosport predator problems
  174. HP Tuners - Stock M6
  175. Diablo tinity install
  176. IL Speed Shops
  177. So MD Shop for Camaro Mods
  178. header/exhaust install DIY?
  179. Anyone have SCT X3?
  180. christmas came early!
  181. Anyone order from Vectormotorsports?
  182. tuning launch control???
  183. Power train mods v/s factory warranty
  184. GMPP Cold Air Intake
  185. Disappointing Superchips numbers
  186. New Diablosport Beta Tune For 2010 Camaro SS
  187. 1-4 shifting not working?!?
  188. Just ordered the Vector tune
  189. Diablosport Trinity
  190. Need tuning help
  191. Will tuning out the AFM eliminate the engines ability to go to less than 8cyl?
  193. Hennessey Tune
  194. Check Engine light on after ARH and Pipeline CAI installed
  195. v6 CEL, shorties, IAT relocate, Flowmasters
  197. diablo trinity
  198. CAI
  199. How to tell if Camaro has a tune?
  200. Are GM Service Dept able to perform minor tunes IF they Will?
  201. Torque Management Tune
  202. Diablosport trinity question
  203. SLP Tuned Diablo Sport II Programmer
  204. Bought used Camaro with previous tune - voided warranty?
  206. diconnecting battery after tune
  207. Hey Hey, Ho Ho, AFM has got to GO!
  208. Tuning required for LTs, CAI, exhaust
  209. Putting the stock tune back in my car???
  210. L99 Tune-gains
  211. Diablo Trinity Update 1R07 Now Available
  212. How do you know about the GM updates for the computer?
  213. Does it retune itself?
  214. Is there 100% confirmation that previous tunes can be detected?
  215. Tune now or tune later
  216. I gotta say...
  217. Just installed the SCT tune
  218. L99 TCM-Tuning
  219. GM software
  220. HP Tuner Questions
  221. ZL-575hp tune
  222. .HPT and .TUN files
  223. Where can I guy get a good tune in the central FL area?
  224. Superchips Internet update now available to Win 7 users
  225. Supercharger Tune
  226. Tuning in El Paso, TX
  227. High Altitude tuning...?
  228. I have a question about selling my Predator tuner.
  229. What tuning device can you use for 2 vehicles? Camaro & 09 Silverado
  230. GM Publically admits Odo in ECM on Camaro...
  231. People With SuperChips Tuners for the Camaro SS.
  232. which vendors will INCLUDE a custom tune with purchase of diablosport predator?
  233. low tire lights
  234. Custom Tune Required
  235. How newb friendly is HP Tuners?
  236. defeating the fuel pressure control module... how are you doing it
  237. A6 Tune Anyone?th less slippage
  238. Diablosport Tune
  239. noisy motor/vibration/road tire noise
  240. Diablosport Predator and 4.10 Gears
  241. Diagnostics/tuning for dummies?
  242. V6 Tune
  243. tuner rwhp?
  244. Nock Sensor on LS3..!! Need help Please.!!
  245. Need a tune.. But which one?
  246. Octane of gas from factory?
  247. I Need Verification 1st Can You Pls Verify That The DiabloSport Disables Skip-Shift??
  248. Dyno's
  249. Where to set Stoich for E10 in HPTuners
  250. Power Enrichment at WOT... does it ever have a chance to even happen?