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  1. Pedders suspension already for the Camaro
  2. Wheel weights on my Camaro's calipers
  3. Hawk Performance Brake Pad "Updated"
  4. Camaro Brembo Big Brake Kit, Installed!!
  5. Painted / powder coated brake calipers
  7. My Camaro Pedders Coilovers (xa adjustable), w/ PICS
  8. Pedders / Eibach / H&R ?????
  9. Setting up an IRS/Drivetrain for Drag Racing
  10. B&G Lowering Springs
  12. Pfadt Drop Springs Installed! Pics inside!
  13. Need an SS brake rotor measurement
  14. 2010 HPE700 Camaro - Brembo Brakes
  15. Lowering spring installation
  16. Detroit Speed suspension package.....Awsome!
  17. calipers
  18. Lower springs
  19. Pfadt Sport Sway Bar - First Hand Opinions Requested
  20. Alignment Specs??
  21. Drilled rotor upgrade for the Brembos?
  22. Eibach front and rear sway bar install
  23. Pfadt Strut Tower Brace SPY Shots and poll!
  24. KW Variant Coilovers for 2010 Camaro??
  25. PFADT - Drop springs & Balance bars (Pics inside)
  27. Stock alignment settings
  28. Will SS Brembo brake package fit 2LT?
  29. Drop Kit
  30. Brake Question.
  31. Squeaking Brakes
  32. Suspension guys out there - lets talk wheel hop
  33. Testing urethane bushings at the track
  34. 2010 Camaro trailing arms (TCA026) tunnel brace (DTB004) pics!!
  35. suspion help
  36. Pfadt Carbon Rear Trailing Arms and Rear Tie Rods
  37. Lowered Camaro question
  38. Camaro test: Stock vs. Eibach equipped! Sort of.
  39. CTSV Strut tower brace in a Camaro?
  40. Best prices on Eibach pro-kit springs & question on camber adjuster kit
  41. B&G suspension needs your camaro
  42. Frontal lowering question...
  43. eibach video finally available!
  44. Suspension Choices and what and why did you choose it?
  45. Eibach Springs vs H&R. ANyone have side by side photos or comments on the two?
  46. H&R springs shipped today
  47. DSE Suspension installed today...pics!
  48. My Pfadt Lowering Springs
  49. 2010 Camaro BMR Toe Rod pics!!!
  50. official Release of the KW Variant 3 coilovers?
  51. Any tips on Adjustable swap bar settings?
  52. ACTUAL GM alignment specifications?
  53. Sick of brake dust!
  54. Brake Fluid
  55. KW Variant 3 Suspension Pictures
  56. spring help
  57. Suspension Work in the morning. I have few options need opinions
  58. Which Springs for The Road Course?
  59. H&R Springs Alignment specs can other members post how they set there cars up?
  60. Hotchkis 2010 Camaro TVS Suspension Install & Test
  61. Tell me this, what does a strut tower brace do?
  62. I want to do whatever I can to tighten up my steering feedback. Suggestions?
  63. Anyone know manufacture of the Camaro SS Steering rack assembly?
  64. Which is better? Powder Coat or Paint for Brembos?
  65. Lets see ur lowered Camaro
  66. V6 vs V8 Brakes
  67. Squeeky brakes
  68. Why do my front Brembo Calipers have stick on wheel weights on them?
  69. BMR 2010 Camaro Adjustable Toe Rod Pics!!!
  70. Pfadt Racing/Unrestricted Motorsports competing in Street Car Challenge
  71. Calipers turned dust grey - Anyone else?
  72. Pedders Camaro was the fastest Camaro at the Optima Challenge!
  73. Anyone here try the Hotchkis Max Rear Chassis Brace kit?
  74. Guys who installed full or partial Urethane Suspension Bushings any feedback?
  75. How come no KW Coilover feedback surfaced yet? What are you guys waiting for?
  76. Spongy Brakes
  77. Pfadt drop springs & sway bars installed!
  78. Pfadt Strut Tower Brace & Coil Overs in GM SEMA booth
  79. LSX TV Interviews Pfadt Racing at SEMA
  80. Cost to replace Brembos and Rotors
  81. lowered by pfadt
  82. Sway Bars. Myths, Knowledge, Understanding
  83. colored brake calipers ?
  84. looking to but lowering springs / sway bars
  85. Will these work to install lowering springs?
  86. Warping brake rotors
  87. Suspension comparison
  88. thinking bout installing springs my self
  89. Which springs and Sways?
  90. Need help, weird vibration, very frustrated
  91. Stock swaybar size V6/V8?
  92. Camaro beats Vette on a Road Course
  93. Rear Suspension Squatting and Bouncing on all videos with Tuned setups why?
  94. My new ride lowered on Eibach's!!! Perfect stance!!
  95. What a real Race Engineering company does all day
  96. Brake fluid leak
  97. Stainless Steel Rotors
  98. Pedders is Now in Hawaii!!
  99. clunking in suspension
  100. BEWARE..drop kit + wide wheels may = damaged EBrake line??
  101. Brake noise
  102. Painted brake caliper question.
  103. Who manufactures the strongest and thickest front sway bar?
  104. Anybody got their PFADT sprins from IPS Yet?
  105. Vette Garage TV Films 3 Episodes of Pfadt Racing - Watch the Show and Get to Know Us!
  106. BMR 2010 Camaro front driveshaft loop installed pics!!!
  107. SCCA T2
  108. Caliper
  109. Lowest Drop
  110. Check Out Pfadt's New Control Arm Stiffeners
  111. Backwards Calipers
  112. BC Racing Coilovers + CCW SP16A = Happy driver
  113. Possible Safety Concern with Lowered Vehicles and / or Aftermarket Wheels
  114. Question on Equal Wheel Rotation Calibration for TCS/ABS on 2010 Camaro
  115. JDP Motorsports and Spohn Performance! Dial in your suspension!
  116. Choosing a Sway Bar
  117. Powder Coated Brembo's
  118. Anyone install the Pfadt sport sway bars?
  119. Getting the BMR 2010 Camaro ready for the PRI show!! Lots of Good pics!!
  120. Pedders coil over kit
  122. camber bolt ?
  124. Pfadt lowering springs pics
  125. Drop splindles or lowering springs?
  126. Suspension guys..Issue after Eibach install
  127. Pedders EP6579 Radius Inserts
  128. Pedders Alignment kit
  129. Pedders Alignment kit??
  130. Brake Pads HELP!
  131. sway bars question
  132. Trailing Arms - Downsides?
  133. Who has Pedders Performance Drop Coils?
  134. BMR Booth at PRI
  135. Ceramic Brake pads for V6?
  136. Help With Drop spring
  137. IS everyone happy with their DSE drop kits
  138. anyone have pfadt coilovers?
  139. SS brembo on a v6
  140. Stock Height Measurement
  141. Pfadt suspension = killer stance!
  142. Brembo question
  143. Another Pfadt suspension drop
  144. Change on calipers VIN 79XXX
  145. V6 with lowering kit?
  146. brake squeak help
  147. 1" drop springs, not progressive wound
  148. Post your dropped Camaro here
  149. Need some help deciding on Spring/Sways
  150. H&R Springs??
  151. brake dust
  152. What Brake fluid R U using??
  153. Springs vs. Coilovers
  154. Anyone else thinking about lowering the front only?
  155. Road noise
  156. Pedders Suspension
  157. Alingment qustion
  158. pedders bushings ?
  159. Any use GRanatelli springs?
  160. Vendor for powder coated calipers?
  161. Bridgestone RE11 Performance Tire Review
  162. My SS's ride is too jumpy...
  163. Drop springs with LT's
  164. Need pics of Pedders Bushing install
  165. Best lowering springs for maro
  166. Some help: New brake lines and bleeding...
  167. Springs/Sways install cost
  168. Spring install and Bumpstop question
  169. Where to buy Springs/Sways
  170. Optima Street Car Challenge teaser Video
  171. Pedders or Pfadt ?
  172. Brake Calipers
  173. Pic:Can I wipe the rust off the brake?
  174. Bushing install help needed
  175. Racing Brake 2 pc Rotors Installed
  176. Skidpad
  177. Pfadt Race Engineering releases new Camaro V8 Engine Mounts
  178. Q about Coilovers and alignment
  179. Rear-end axl ratio's??
  180. lowering covered under warranty?
  181. Drop springs/stabilizers or coilovers?
  182. Lowering Alignment Issue
  183. Lowered your Camaro......Any Regrets??
  184. Koni, Bilstein, where are you??
  185. Front Sport Springs....Model Specific?
  186. Whew...Decided...Eibach...Why?
  187. Sway Bars Coilovers Void warranty?
  188. would the bigger spindles raise the front of the car
  189. Pedderized install prices?
  190. has anybody changed the v6 brakes to the SS brakes?
  192. Pfadt or Eibach
  193. Rotor Upgrade
  194. New springs and bars today WOW is all I can say
  195. Rear Brake Swap???
  196. Cross drilled slotted rotors
  197. Pfadt Camaro Rear Toe Link Reinforcement Kit Install write-up
  198. v6 drilled rotors?
  199. Anyone know what type of Rotors these are?
  200. A pair of Camaro's, now with the proper stance by Torq!
  201. PLEASE HELP!!! Remove Calipers for Powder Coating
  202. Is your steering wheel straight?
  204. $600...are you kidding me?
  205. Question w/alignment and springs
  206. New Camaro video features dyno tuning and Pfadt lowered suspension
  207. Which spring kit to buy? I want to lower my SS about an inch or so.
  208. Pedders Day Pictures at Modern Muscle
  209. Super Chevy joins Hotchkis for Camaro Track Test
  210. Made my own cross chassis brace. You're gunna like this. (56k make a sandwich)
  211. Stillen Rotors Installed with other Brake Upgrades
  212. EIBACH Pro-Kit
  213. Line Lock on v8/m6
  214. ModROTOR™ by NALLEN...
  215. Pfadt Poly Differential Mounts Installed
  216. Testing the Next Generation Coil Overs
  217. MTI, Pfadt, Hotchkis or Pedders sway bars
  218. Need help with Strut noise
  219. cutting the bump stops
  220. Anybody running Pfadt lowering springs with 22 inch wheels??
  221. Rattles from heat shields under the car. ANyone have this or has removed these?
  222. Lowering and KEEPING the Stock Ride?
  223. Camaro Eibach Pro-Plus Suspension Kit Release!
  224. Baer 6 piston 15" brakes front & rear in the new nickle finish, KW coil overs & HRE's
  225. Sway bar End links to weak and dinky?
  226. Pfadt springs and sways installed
  227. Spohn Engineering sways & endlinks
  228. BMR'd my Camaro
  229. Brembo brakes installed on my 2LT/RS >>>>
  230. Has anyone bottomed out with springs?
  231. Eibach Pro Kit Plus feedback?
  232. Is There Really A Difference Between Eibach vs Pfadt vs Pedders?
  233. How do you adjust the rear camber
  234. BMR announces Project TriloG
  235. Anyone install a set of KW V1's yet?
  236. The Pfadt Rear Trailing Arm: coming soon!
  237. New Suspension product from Pfadt
  238. MTI Racing Stage 1 Suspension Upgrade
  239. Pfadt new Strut Tower Brace release information
  240. brake squeal
  241. New StopTech Trophy Sports Look SICK!!!
  242. Do I get these parts?
  243. Camber Kit?
  244. Got my springs and sways........installed.......with VIDEO
  245. Eibach Pro kit installed!!!!
  246. ABS selnoid noise??
  247. G-Force Rear Suspension and Halfshaft Upgrade! Pics
  248. handling improvement w/20x9 275 40's in front ??
  249. Pedders XA's installed finally
  250. Custom Power Steering Upgrade Almost Ready Guys