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theholycow's 1980 Buick LeSabre Limited 4.1 V6 Coupe
General Details
Lasted Updated: 06-19-2009
Year: 1980
Model: Buick LeSabre Limited 4.1 V6 Coupe
Color: Blue
Transmission: Automatic - TH350 3 speed
Interior seat/trim color: Blue
Package Options: A/C, cruise, tilt wheel, 15" rusty chrome wheels.
Exterior Modifications
Few miles, lots of rust. Grandpa bought it brand new.
Interior Modifications
Cheap mp3cd stereo, radar detector, worn woodgrain, missing veneer, screwholes, spilled motor oil in backseat carpet.
Performance/Handling Modifications
Rotten exhaust and carburetor. High-performance positive battery cable is lighter than normal ones because it was probably eaten by mice where I can't see it, which would explain why the car gets no power from the battery.
Future Planned Modifications
I hope to do the mechanical repairs required to make it roadworthy again. If I manage that, then I hope to maybe convert it to TBI and maybe do something about a transmission with overdrive.
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