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shadowed_Stranger's 1997 Camaro V6
General Details
Lasted Updated: 06-20-2009
Year: 1997
Model: Camaro V6
Color: Red
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Interior seat/trim color: grey 35th anniversary
Package Options: power mirrors, power windows, power driver's seat, 6 speakers, fog lights? or were those all standard?
Exterior Modifications
a spidercrack in the paint on the front bumper, none of the body panels line up, fade spots from the shitty paintjob that cost almost $5k, one of my foglights only turns on when I hit it with my hand and goes out again after a few minutes.
Interior Modifications
No-smoking sticker

stock stereo with disconnected fog light switch and dummy button because the aftermarket stereo would not fit until we remove some internals from behind the monsoon.
Performance/Handling Modifications
245/45 tires!...
...that need replacing soon.

2nd gear is almost shot, and you cannot enter it above 2,500 rpm or if the engine rpm is below what the speed would make the engine rpm be (synchronisers?).

Transmission fluid is "just like a milkshake"

5th gear makes a weird whining and sometimes rattling noise when pressing the gas, so I refuse to use it.

Catalytic converter is plugged, so it added about 8 seconds to my 0-60 time.
Future Planned Modifications
fabricating the inside of the stereo compartment to fit the aftermarket stereo.
Vehicle Images

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