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Conversation Between TuneAFish and saluki
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  1. TuneAFish
    08-27-2020 11:08 PM
    No worries - I actually just completed it last week :-)

    We had a lift adn the tools, so it made it much easier than I expected. I have headers and hi-flow cats on it now, when I get back in town I'll be taking it to get the rest of the 3" exhaust bent (not gonna try that).

    Thanks for the reply though; hope all is well!
  2. saluki
    08-27-2020 08:45 PM
    Hey just saw this.

    I did the Cat delete. Which are essentially Cats without the guts installed.

    my dad and I were able to get it installed without unhooking the column, but this was likely because we did it on jack stands and were able to have one person above and one person below to manuevor it around.
    I would suggest finding a place with a lift and unhooking the column. Is likely much easier as getting the car up on jack stand high enough is a pain. if no lift is available get a few 2x6's and drive up on them so you can get a jack under the front/rear so you can jack each end up at the start.

    also a can of PB Blaster will be your for all exhaust related bolts.
  3. TuneAFish
    08-08-2020 02:56 AM
    Hi - I'm purchasing the Texas Speed 2" headers for my 2015 SS M6. I'm curious, I see you didn't have install issues, are you still happy with the setup? Also, what did you do for the rest of the exhaust? Did you buy the kit that had cats, buy aftermarket cats, or go cat delete? Just looking for the best options and cautions.


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