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Conversation Between TuneAFish and xdamxincx
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  1. TuneAFish
    09-13-2020 10:47 PM
    Keep me posted if you decide to sell the factory wheels. There are a few guys listing them between these two forums, but I'm not in a hurry so I'm sort of waiting for a good deal.

    Regarding the supercharger, I talked to GPI and they're telling me a positive displacement blower won't work as well with my cam because it has different overlap requirements to perform optimally, so it looks like i'll be going with a procharger once I'm ready to cross that bridge.

    Good luck with your build!
  2. xdamxincx
    09-11-2020 11:58 PM
    i do believe i will be selling the stock wheels.. just havent thought of it yet.. and the car is back on them at the moment as i sold the s71 fronts and just got in some alumastars for the front .. i have beadlock s71s on the back but need to change out the brake pads and tear down the wheel to ceramic coat it .. sorry for the rant..
    the supercharger came off my car working but injested a lot of blowbye leaving it quite oily .. but was still working.. im going to try to get it replaced under warranty and if that happens i will sell it then if no warranty happens then i will sell it as is i suppose... or maybe put it in my 69 camaro.. idk yet... but hey money talks .......
  3. TuneAFish
    09-11-2020 01:28 PM
    Hi - two questions:

    1) I see you put weld wheels on the back of your car, I'm wondering if you are planning on selling the stock wheels/tires? I have a 2015 SS that I'm looking for upgrades for and I happen to like those wheels especially well.

    2) I noticed that you're considering selling your stock supercharger; What are you looking to get out of it, and will you be selling the injectors/fuel pump, etc...with it, or just the unit itself?


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