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Conversation Between molloni and chevy 3
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  1. molloni
    07-30-2010 08:11 AM
    going to Merrimack?
  2. chevy 3
    07-26-2010 02:42 PM
    chevy 3
    Thought you would .wife gave it to me couple years ago.this is my second one lost the first one hunting(I replaced it she dosent no I lost the first one).
  3. molloni
    07-26-2010 12:06 PM
    I like that knife!
  4. molloni
    07-15-2010 08:05 PM
    no problem dude! I'm still working on which hood to get...
  5. chevy 3
    07-15-2010 03:55 PM
    chevy 3
    Not blowing you off on color code just Randy has been on vaca for a couple weeks.comes back Sunday then I'll hook you up.
  6. chevy 3
    05-27-2010 06:30 PM
    chevy 3
    I love storys like that .one of the main resons me and my daughter did the bad guys. Kids seam to realy digit.
  7. molloni
    05-27-2010 11:29 AM
    I showed the 8YO son of a good friend of mine the pictures of your Decepticon Camaro and he LOVED it! His jaw seriously hit the floor. Then he asked if he could go for a ride in mine. He's a big Transformers fan.
  8. molloni
    05-10-2010 11:45 AM
    I agree - free food and free swag...good times!

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