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Conversation Between RickRay and snakeskyn
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  1. snakeskyn
    09-11-2013 06:58 PM
    Hey rick. It's so awesome that you can both make it. We're really stoked for this video! So I thought we could meet at carrefour angrignon , the shopping mall in lasalle. I would meet you there and then we would go to where the filming is done which is about five minutes away. I guess we can meet for about 6:30 ish so you can meet the camera crew and stuff and we can go over the shots also. We just have to do a couple of short distance driving shots which you and mike will do. Then the band would just have to do some shots where we are entering and exiting the vehicles. Some shots inside the vehicle because the music video starts with a phone call. and then the last shots would be on the 720 east ville marie tunnel to a location downtown and that should be it. The whole drive there will be filmed . The editing that will be done with these shots and how they will blend in with the rest of the video will really make this whole thing come together. thanks so much again!
  2. snakeskyn
    09-10-2013 03:13 PM
    Hi there Rick. It's Matt from the band again. I just wanted to know if you can confirm bieng there for the video on saturday night, september 28th. I think it's better we do it then just incase it rains. Then at least we can have more oppurtunities incase we have to postpone it. So let me know please and also if your friend Mike is good to go also. Was awesome meeting you guys !

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